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Skiing season is opened and…

Happy OLD NEW YEAR to everyone who know what I mean ;)


We are just back from our little trip to “The Summit” at Snoqualmie where we and our friends enjoined our first NORDIC Cross-country skiing. Yeah, we realized that we are so beginners that we just played at small loop near restaurant LOL. Anyway, we’ve got a BLAST and definitely hooked! But Oh my, we were REALLY surprised by Kristin (our 6th year old daughter) and her good friend Dasha! I can’t believe how fast kids learn! Less then in a hour of practice they looked as experienced cross-country skiers (in our eyes at least :) )

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    Людмила Григорова says:

    Привет! А где это вы на лыжах катались – прикольно. А Кристинка просто на попе каталась? Штаны целые? :-))

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    admin says:

    Это в 40 мин езды от нас. Кристинка и ее подруга Даша научились кататься на лыжах буквально в течении часа – просто молодцы! ;)

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