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Crochet Ruffle Jacket Pattern for Kids on Pattern Central

sweater_pattern copy
For my Dear international customers, who asked for the Ruffles jacket
pattern, published in Crochet! March 2009 issue, I would like to let you
know that this pattern is now available for sell on Patterns Central.

P.S.: After almost 3 weeks of rains and snow on April, 1th… we’ve finally
got a Spring here in Seattle and we are SO excited about that!!! Can’t
resist to share :)

Happy Monday to everyone and
have LOTS sunny and warm days!!!

My first publication!

crochet!_march_09Can you believe I feel so excited? :)
And Oh my, what a LOVELY model this so adorable
little girl!!!

Funny, but here are 3 times I should mention “first”,
see… it’s a first publication… a first magazine I’ve
submitted my design and …  a first jacket pattern,
I’ve worked on. I would love to Thank you SO MUCH
again my Sweet friend Sarah to test this pattern and
for Your  such invaluable help and  advance!!

ruffles_jacket21 ruffles_jacket11
And now for Happy Dancing! Anyone to join?! LOL!  :dance:

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