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It’s a time…

for some amazing deals and I’m so glad to offer to you:

The button for purchases on the keyboard. Online shop.

* this coupon is applicable to myShop and Etsy stores. Offer expires November 25th, 2011 at Midnight PST time.

MyLCG Etsy 60x60

And make sure to check the $5 deals at YCMT:


Have a Fun! Cyber Monday Deals are coming ;o)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving Card

Not sure I’ll be that much around here today and I guess you are too ;o) But looking forward  to see you then – for some unbelievable Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, which are waiting  for you.  Stay tuned!

With lots of love,

Annie’s Attic New

Magnolia Coat FluffyClouds1 copy

My Magnolia Lace Coat and Fluffy Clouds Blanket patterns are now available at Annie’s Attic. Couple more will be added just in a few.

Annies Attic New

In the other news… I’ve signed 4 contacts this month, but I can’t give you more details now, uhhh LOL.

I’ve got Garden Party Hat Pattern tech edited and going to include it to Garden Party Pins Pattern. Also, this Hat pattern is still available for free – my first edited free pattern and btw, no one mistake was found in directions, but gauge and description were not the best ;o) I’ll update the pattern just in a few.

Also, I’m so enjoying working on new designs (my always favorite part ;o) and can’t wait to share them with you!

Happy Thursday everyone and TTYS!!

May 1st Bazaar

Bazaar May 1st final

… a first our local (WA) bazaar I decided to participate. Nicci, Thank you so much for invitation! Not that I’m still selling finished projects, but lots of samples and OOAK (one of a kind) girl’s tops, jackets, hats, scarves, accessories and sure printed patterns will wait for You ;o) I’ll keep you updated.

P.S.: Please spread the world about this event and come to visit us!

Grapes Scarf. Tahki’s COLORPLAY Reader Challenge

Grape Scarf

I  just entered  this scarf for Tahki’s Colorplay Reader Challenge.  Not  that I am really looking for extra 40 skeins of yarn, but this contest is SO fun and I can’t resist to participate :о)

Fruits for every day… The scarf is made out of shell motifs and features beautiful crocheted grapes trim.

Tahki Cotton Classic  #3715 – 2 hanks
#3724 – 2 hanks
#3913 – 1 hank
Tahki Cotton Classic Lite #4932 – 1 hank

If you like this scarf please fell free to vote for it HERE. To see all entries make sure to check COLORPLAY Crochet photo gallery and COLORPLAY Knit photo gallery. The only thing, in order to vote, you should Sign In to Knitting Daily, but I completely understand if you do not want to sign up  ;o)

P.S.: I think I’ll use these motifs and trim idea in my near future for girl’s design(s), which means that pattern is coming soon. I’ll keep you updated!

What is your preferences – and a GIVEAWAY for You

instant approval merchant account no credit check high risk processing
Dear customers, I was thinking to start using Merchant Account, kind of
a system which allows to get Credit Card payments.

If  you compare it with PayPal, you can see 3 major differences:

  1. Merchant Accounts accept most Credit Cards from many countries.
  2. They don’t work with PayPal accounts. I mean you can’t enter your
    PayPal email/password.
  3. I, as a Seller,  have better  protection from  PayPal based types of

So I decided to ask a question: How tightly are you bound to your PayPal
accounts? And  if so, will  it be OK for you to  use your  PayPal  card as a
Credit Card?

And to lightening this boring process to read post and reply questions…
Oh well, you know me, I really do not need a motivation for contests ;o)
I Love them so much and it’s always my absolute Pleasure! So today my
GIVEAWAY is for Euro yarn Kit in such Autumn rich colors, which is perfect
for your fall projects and includes: unbelievable soft Gedifra Tecno Hair:
1 ball in color #9634, 1 ball in color #06 and 2 balls in color #862; 4 balls
of Gedifra Positivo (100%microfiber/50g/50m) #6004 and 1 ball of Rowan
Cotton Rope (50 cotton, 45% acrylic/50gr/58m (63yds)):
Kit copy
To enter the contest:   just  leave a  comment on  this  post, including
answer on question, pretty please.  The entering to this contest will be
closed next Thursday July, 15 2010 midnight by PST. The winner will be
randomly picked  up and notified next day, Friday July, 16th. Good luck!

P.S.: International customers very Welcome too!! I’ll ship WORLDWIDE.

Thank you so much and
have a FABULOUS day,

Black & White

 Ball Logo
One of my favorite color combinations… and as we found Kristin’s
is too ;) So, I’ve created this one for DD and we are both so glad
with result!


A first overview…

… Oh my, I’ve just realized that almost 6 months gone since I’ve started to
work on patterns and offer them for sell. So far, I’ve done 16 patterns and
plan to finish another 120 (no kidding, LOL!) of my past designs and 1000+
new in  next 1-2 years, hopefully ;)

Also, I want to point You again at all these such Amazing crafty places like
Ravelry, Crochet pattern central, CGOA, Crochetville, One Pretty Thing,
Indie Quarter, Club Osinka and Eva (both in Russian) just to name a few.
And  SURE, without them, I don’t think I would be or this would have been

And I would Love to THANK to all of you who have purchased my patterns
and downloaded some, I’m offering for free, which have downloaded over
1000 times just from my site!! WOW, Thanks again!! Sure, things like that
are a HUGE stimulus to continue to work on new ones and I hope to finish
lots of new patterns pretty soon.
manage_downloads  clustr_statistic


Another Awesome crafty place, where you can find fabric,
patterns, embroidery, eBooks and much more. Make sure
to check it out!


And of course,  I’m so Excited to sell my eBooks  here too!
(please click at logo above to find them)

KiTs for sale


I’ve got several requests for yarn and accessories I use
for my designs and now some KiTs are available for sell
here. What’s a deal!! Reasonable prices and you do not
need to spend time looking for all needed materials and
pay shipping costs for almost each piece ordered. Get a
fun to make your own top!! Also these kits are PERFECT
GIFT idea!

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