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Happy Anniversary to me – and a Giveaway for You!

Card-Balloons I cannot believe I’ve started my patterns venture
a year ago, but it’s true and today marks my First

I  would LOVE to Thank everyone for Your support
and all these such Amazing and warm words!!

Looking forward to many more eBooks and years
to come. I definitely hooked. ;)

In the news. I’m so exited to let You know that some patterns are available
(“finally!” you would say ;o) in Sizes 2 (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) years already and many
others are coming soon. And the BIG news is that almost all patterns were also
edited by Joan, a professional Tech Editor. I have an absolute Pleasure to work
with her! She’s Amazing and her work and experience just Flawless! If you are
looking for tech editor, I hardly recommend Joan!!!

The patterns update. I’ll make sure that everyone who purchased any of my
patterns in a past in my Shop, Etsy, eBay and Raverly stores will receive an
updated version or each purchased pattern as soon as they will be available.
All my shops updated immediately too.

And now is my absolute pleasure… offering something for you ;)

u13127580First… I am offering a Surprise Box of 15-20 balls of
variety of Euro yarn
whatever for You or your little one
some projects. I’ll just email with quick questionnaire to
winner to make sure you will get yarn in your favorite
colors, textures and variety. And as alternative to yarn,
I’m also offering a $50 Gift Certificate to ANY your favorite
online shop or retail store – just name it! So, Yarn or GC
is  fully for your choice!!

To enter the contest just put a comment to this post, even to say “Hi!” So simply
and no any obligations!! ;) Only you need, it’s enter the contest by Thursday,
March 5, 2009 midnight by PST time. The winner will be randomly picked up and
notified on Friday, March, 6th.

And for my dear pattern buyers, I just listed on Etsy 3 different value coupons with
a great deals, please click here, here and here for details.

anniversary_coupons copy

I just relisted coupons in my Etsy shop. Please click here, here and here.

***UPDATE #2!
Thank you SO MUCH again to everyone!!

And another offer I’ve just published at Etsy, which is also work for all my stores:
” If you would like to purchase 3 patterns at once, get fourth patern for free (just
let me know which one you would like and I’ll send it to you with your order). For
buyers of 5 patterns, I’m offering another 2 for free. But if you are interesting in
more than 10 patterns, please just email me for details!”

Thank you SO MUCH Ladies for your such Wonderful comments!
With Love,

Welcome back!

monalisaboutique copy   
                   Do you remember this such Charming and Lovely little girl?!
We’ve had a Blast and done lost of Amazing collaborations with her so
Talented mom during last years and have some plans for near future ;)
Welcome back girls!! So Awesome to see you! To find some Servane’s
creations click here and here.

Everyone deserved privacy ;)


… Is my baby have grew up already?!!! This Saturday we’ve had a
big party at our home and Kristin (my 7 years old) with her friends
had a Blast at playground near us, watched TV, enjoined craft and
game activities and we (parents) always saw them here and here…
But after I realized that did not see kids enough long time, I just
wanted to check if all is Ok and found this note on Kristin’s door ;)

Happy Monday to everyone!!

Fruity Fun 2. Raspberry


Raspberries! It’s a favorite Kristin’s berry for last couple years. So yummy!
Made in apron style, this top futures a bobble stitches an I just love how it
works for this top. The top also can be made in blackberry colors.


I’m almost done with Fruity Fun 2 collection (still want to make one… or
probably two more "fruit(s)" in style I did not offered yet). And oh, I will
have some news to share with you soon  (No, I’m not pregnant LOL)
Stay tuned!


P.S.: Oh and just can’t resist to share all these funny faces of Kristin… ;)

A knitting community

Thanks to Heather, I’ve just recently joined to Knit Picks community
and must to say, it’s such such fun place.

Happy Valentines day

Sending some love Your way to let You know how YOU are special


Fruity fun II. Citrus Top Corset Pattern for Kids


This Citrus Top Corset can be made in Lime, Lemon, Orange or Grapefruit
(not shown) colors and features 5 slices of citrus, Floral trellis straps, lace
up on the back and ties on the front with hand crocheted 3D citruses in a
couple shapes.


Sizes: 3/4 (5/6, 7/8, 9/10) years

Skill Level: Intermediate

Yarn: Katia Bamboo (grab a deal HERE) or Tahki Cotton Classic (100% cotton
/50g/108yd) or ANY other cotton or blend yarn of similar yardage in lemon, lime
or orange color – 2 (2, 3, 4) balls.

* This pattern involves Crochet skills only.

10 pages; 8 pics; 6 diagrams; 2 tutorials; a schematic.


This pattern was edited by professional Tech Editor and tested by four
independent crocheters. And look
how ADORABLE it turned out!!

citrus_julie citrus_inma2 citrus_inma1

The pattern is available in my Shop and several more stores (please click on
logos below):

etsy_logo ebaylogo RavelryLogo




Design Chart


I looked for graph paper for my knitting patterns and found this one
on  Knit on the net. So simple and easy and with many options.

Make sure to try this chart if you are looking for something similar.

I’m working on patterns this week and will have something new for
you in a next two days ;o)

What a day

I love days like yesterday…

cfu209.l In a morning I’ve worked on new pattern and BTW, I’ve got 2 more edited patterns from tech editor,
so still tuned ;o)
Visited Paris Miki Optical (my fav Japanese company for long,
their lenses are super  thin and lightweight) to pick up my new glasses.
indian_salad Had a lunch with DH and we’ve enjoined Indian fresh salads and Tikka Masala, Yummy – Yum!
Finally finished a Berry Halter Top. Still need to take pictures and write a pattern. 2624941095_e07fac4b5d
michaels Kristin and I spent great time at Michaels and got lots fun to choice a new craft project for her. This time Kristin decided try hands on Paint by numbers. Oh my, looks as she’s definitely going to be busy for a bit LOL
And a cherry on the top is concert of our Russian famous Мумий Тролль band we were SO excited to visit yesterday! They are having a tour over US now and if you are fun of a good rock, make sure to check their Official Site to hear some hits and check what’s on their schedule. lagutenko2

Ok, now we are off to pick up Kristin. She had a sleep over with her
best friend Karina and then we have enough long and fun list to do
on during these weekends. Fun Fun!!

A Wonderful weekends to anyone!!!

Hibiscus. Crochet Halter Top Pattern for Kids


A Crocheted Halter Top with square shaped skirt and featuring satin ribbons
all around the skirt. Can be made in any color or combination with matching
or contrasting ribbons in one or several colors.  So sweet and  delicate and
perfect for sunny summer days.


Sizes: 2 (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) years.


Skill Level: Intermediate.

* This pattern involves Crochet skills only.

6 pages; 5 pics; 2 diagrams; a schematic.


This pattern was edited by professional Tech Editor and tested by two
independent crocheters. Just look
how ADORABLE it turned out!!

hibiscus_jaybird1 hibiscus_jaybird2 hibiscus_betsy

The pattern is available in my Shop and several more stores (please
click on logos below):

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