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The Winners!!!

UPDATE: All emails and messages via Instagram & Facebook sent. Please let me know if you did not get your!
What a week has stood out! Thank you so much dear ladies for all such great coat name suggestions!!!
During the week I tried on each of your proposed ideas and almost all of them fitted perfectly. And just yesterday, I narrowed down the choice to three of them:
“Spring Time on Paris” by SherryG, “Belle Petite Lace” by Jeannette Di Lorenzo and “Primavera alla Koval Lace Coat” by Izumi Goto.
Waking up today and looking at 4 version of this coat I already came with, I caught myself thinking that this is definitely my favorite creation so far (after lovely dughter Kristin of course) because it’s about everything I love: lace, which reflects the freshness of any season, a combination of different stitch patterns, attention to details, an “intricate” design that is easy and fun to crochet, different options of style and yarn choice.
Thus, maybe both of us (me and the coat) deserve my name in the title?! Not to mention that amazing Tin came up with a cool pun on my first name that works great for Izumi’s suggestion…. so what if we go with:
A la Koval Petite Lace Coat
…and Marie just nail the description:
“Any girl will turn heads in this unique and stunning lace coat. With two options for the collar, sleeves and even the back, you can customize to your heart’s content! This heirloom-quality design will be forever remembered on that special occasion, be it a wedding, elegant party, or any event when only something spectacular will do!”
So yes, we have two winners: Izumi Goto and Marie! My Congratulations ladies!! You won $35 and à la Koval Petit Lace Coat pattern for free when it will be released. I’ll contact you shorty.
Jeannette Di Lorenzo also won a pattern for “Petite” suggestion!
And the winners of 50% OFF coupon to my Etsy and Raverly stores are: Heather, Darsynia, Novi, Erika, Aditi, Maria, Jane Feagans-King, Susan Thompson, SherryG, Jeannette Di Lorenzo, MaryAnn Boroz, Kathy, Sapa, Lindy R Lewis, Linda, Cindy Alexander, greatminds on Rav, Judy Orrego, Wendy Sugg, Alla Udod, @crochetaladia, @lee_katherine_8 and hollyhobbiedthis
My Congratulations dear ladies!!  Thank you so much again!! You are the BEST!!

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