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Hello, April!

Video: Werble-234EF0850

YAY! I just finished course in mobile shooting and photo editing by amazing @photo_by_lada and even got a Certificate. ⠀

Here are my finals and photos before… and my Certificate of course 😜 Next course is video… wish me luck!

Free Downloadable January Calendar by Knit Picks

What a lovely and beautiful calendar, offered by Knit Picks for free download!! 💛
@knit_picks is keeping the tradition alive and bringing a new wallpapers for your screens every month.

Oh, and I definitely will order and play with 100% silk lace Luminance Hand Painted yarn. It looks so gorgeous!

How is your first Monday of 2020? 🥰

Thank you!!! You are Awesome!!

🥰 Basing on your lovely testimonials and questions I’ve got last week it seems that everyone is ready for spring/summer projects, and Sakura Top is not exclusions:
💌Just finding this absolutely STUNNING pattern!
Is it on Ravelry? Though because of budget, I rarely purchase patterns, I would buy this one for my granddaughter! this IS stunning!
💌I am in south Africa hoe can I buy this pattern
💌I just purchased your pattern for this beautiful top. Can you tell me what petticoat you used. I want to make my 3 year old granddaughter this for a elsa costume….thank you
💌I would love to make this beautiful for my beautiful granddaughter please can you tell me where I can buy it thank you
💌So beautiful and dainty! Alla, you have an amazing talent! I can’t wait for yarn arrived, thank goodness I have 2 Petalline Dresses to keep me busy in the mean time, 1 for my daughter and 1 for my niece :) Just gorgeous!!!!
I really can’t explain how I am so grateful for your interest in my work and your lovely emails! You are my boundless inspiration!!! Thank you so much from bottom of my heart 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
And to according your questions:
👗 Petticoat is made by Belle Ame pettiskirts. I am not sure if they are still in a business, but just google – you may find some their skirts and dresses on eBay and other places.

YCMT | Spring $5.00 Deals


Spring is here and so it’s time for some more $5.00 deals at to help get you and your family ready for some warmer weather!

Click HERE to find what patterns are available for just $5, , giving you savings of up to 75% on some! Plus, get 15% off all purchase over $15. This sale runs now through March 26, 2016.

Make sure to view all pages, so you don’t miss out on any patterns. I was invited to join and gladly offering you my Baby Breath Blanket Pattern for this such great event!


Petalline BlankeF01

10 Free Crochet Lace Patterns You’ll Love!

10 Free Crochet Lace Patterns

I am so excited and can’t wait for my new publication in Interweave Spring 2018 magazine and checking Ravelry more often than usual ;o) And found that my tassel scarf, published in Interweave Crochet 2012 issue was featured in 10 Free Crochet Lace Patterns booklet.

Make sure to check it out. Such lovely patterns are here!

2011 Crochet Accessories


Have a lovely and wonderful Thursday!!

You are Invited! | My Instagram


Did I tell you that recently I was impressed with lots of amazing examples of stylish Instagram… and must admit that I totally hooked!

I met so many beyond talented people and find daily inspiration here! But first of all, for me Instagram is kind of a story-of-my-creative-world-in-the-pictures, which I try to tell beautifully…

I am @allakovaldesigns on Instagram and you are invited!

I even have an insta portfolio: @info.allakovaldegigns ;o)



Come to join me!

P.S.: Sure, I’ll continue post here on my blog and maintain my Facebook Page.


Have a fantastic day!!

Udemy + Owleta Hat Pattern Update

ny2017_hellobar_banner_en (1)

Hi my dear friends,

I hope you enjoy a new 2017 as much as we are!! We are so excited and feel to turn this year into learning something new.

So, thank you Udemy for such AWESOME $10 per course deal – personally I ordered 12 courses so far… and still looking for more, – there are really so MUCH interesting stuff!!

If you are curious, below are some courses I got:

Learn to draw fashion with Adobe Illustrator CC Intermediate

Graphic Design Bootcamp

Social Media Marketing 2017 – Learn PPC on 10+ Platforms

…and The Complete Android N Developer Course – because to my surprise, I found that I really missed “that” stuff

A reason of this my unusual evening post is that Udemy promotion ends January, 10 on 11:59 PM PST. It’s amazing deal to get courses for only $10 if you are looking for something new to learn.

And now for the pattern update. The pattern is 90% done – all diagrams are finished as well as writing instructions. All sizes are tested too. What I still need to do: take pictures of Option 2 and detail pictures of option 1. And polish written instruction a bit. I hope to make this pattern available in the beginning of next week.


Alla Koval

Knitting Charts with Stitch Maps

I can hardly express my delight with Stitch-maps! It makes me want to go back to knitting designs and patterns. is a website that offers a revolutionary new way of viewing knitting charts: without a grid.



The symbols within a stitch map clearly show what stitches to work. And – not being confined within grid squares – they also show which stitches of the previous row should be worked. The end result? Charts with unparalleled fluidity, authenticity, and beauty. Get more details on the Stitch Maps overview page.

There are currently 3567 patterns and counting. That’s an fantastic number of stitch patterns to choose from! All patterns include written instructions, some of the patterns include swatch photos, and there is a search feature that allows you to filter for exactly what you want.

Browsing and contributing to the pattern collection is free. Basic and Premium subscriptions give you additional options for highlighting rows, saving, exporting files, and other features. The Stitch Maps Ravelry group is full of Q&A’s and useful tips.

Find out Edie Eckman’s review of stitch maps for more details and aspects.

Japanese Tulip Crochet Hooks Source

I always was a big fan of Japanese Tulip crochet hooks and accessories, and I can’t tell you how I was excited to find an amazing source, here in US to buy Tulip Brand stuff. Let me introduce, as an amazing source for crochet hooks, sets and accessories. Vashti’s store, Crochet Hooks & More, is loaded with the stuff you will love.




Searching for an elusive single Etimo cushion grip hook, like the US Size K/10.5 (6.5mm), or the smaller sizes to fill out your set, or steel hooks? You can find them here.



Looking for Mother’s Day last minute gift or thinking about a special gift for a crocheting friend, or more likely, a treat for yourself? Consider this incredible array of hook sets, classic and special edition. offers free domestic shipping of crochet hooks, along with Vashti’s prompt and geeky attention to your needs. 


11 Cute Tulip Crochet Hook Sets Tulip Etimo Crochet Hooks


My absolute favorite (so far ;o)) is Classic 4 Crochet Hook Set!



Oh, and now Crochet Hooks & More offers a new item from the Tulip Needle Company – Sweet three-color set of 15 stitch markers in its own clear-lidded tin. I am in love with!! Be sure to check back often as they add more cool stuff for your consideration and more than possible purchase!


A wonderful and lovely Monday everyone!!

YCMT | Spring $5.00 Deals



It’s time again for the big $5.00 Deals sale at!

And, it’s on RIGHT NOW!

A huge selection of great patterns and projects are on sale for only $5, giving you savings of up to 75% on some! Plus, get 15% off all purchase over $20.

This sale runs now through March 21, 2016.

“So, how do I find these deals?” you may be asking…
It’s easy! All of the patterns and projects that are part of the $5 Sale added to the Featured Products category.

There are several pages of deals to look through! You might also want to try using the sorting options at the top of the page and increase the Items per Page – there is a lot to see! I was invited to join and gladly offering you my Magnolia Lace Coat Pattern for this such great event!



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