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2016 CGOA Design Competition | My Award

Pistachio Blossom HatW

To 2016 CGOA Design Competition this year I sent one of that 10 hats I introduced here, and my Pistachio Blossom Hat got Third Place in Accessories category, sponsored by WEBS. YAY!! I’ll take it! ;o) Thank You so much!!

I love this one, and this hat pretty easy to make even if it may look enough intricate. The hat features:

  • elastic ring on the top (for ponytail option)
  • brim crocheted with wire for perfect shape
  • tons of peal beads, which were added to brim and top of hat after modeling, but you can see the final picture here as well as all WINNERS!


And couple words about the 10 hats progress. The pattern (EAP version) for Ladybug Cap, Snow in Summer Hat and Marguerite Pin was released two weeks ago. A pattern for next 2 hats will be released in the beginning of next week if not sooner. Next, I have a big surprise for you, so stay tuned ;o)


A lovely and wonderful Tuesday everyone!!

2015 CGOA Design Competition | My Award



Blue Poppy Details032





This year I decided to participated to 2015 CGOA Design Competition for first time, and I got an Honorable Mention award in “Fashion” category, sponsored by Interweave Crochet/Love of Crochet! YAY!! I’ll take it! ;o) Thank You!!

To see all winners in the 2015 CGOA Design Competition, click here. Many thanks to Susan Lowman for her hard work with organization and taking some pictures from event.


Design Competition Booth 1

Design Competition Booth 3

Design Competition Booth 4 Design Competition Booth 5


Also Susan mentioned that when she will send back our entries, she will include the judges’ comments on each of our entries. I can’t wait to see what the judges had to say about my entire (either good or bad or both) in order to help me improve the designing skills!


A wonderful and lovely Wednesday everyone!