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Couture Knitting


My Urban Couture Jacket was featured in such wonderful and stylish Couture Knitting treasury at Etsy.

Couture Knitting

Angelina Elizabeth, a curator of this treasury says:

Not just your Grandma’s knitting anymore!

Make sure to check such great knits in here. I love them all!! Thanks to Angelina for including my pattern.



Daysy Pin6

For daisies lovers, here is another beautiful and romantic Daisies treasury. Daisies

Thank you Pitichi for including my Crocheted Daisy Pin Pattern.



And Blushing Pink at Artfire, curated  by shabbysheikboutique, featured my Flower Power Bolero and Celtic Pink Scarf patterns. What a pretty and delicate collection!! Thank you so much for adding my Flower Power bolero and Celtic Pink scarf patterns.

Blushing Pink

“Coy and collective, shy yet aloof
A precious commodity, your living proof
Share raindrops and colors of rainbows so fair
Save memories so captured, as blossoms appear..”

Happy Monday everyone!! Another exciting and pretty busy week has been scheduled and started already ;o) And btw, I plan to show you something new just in a few – stay tuned!


Alla Koval Designs

Just Be Yourself

2006_36 2006_37

…sometimes we forget who we are, says curator of Just Be Yourself – such fun, cute and unique treasury! Many Thanks to NanaJustBanan’s for including my Grinch Hand Knitted Jacket Pattern.

And I have good news for all crochet lovers! As I promised, I’m working on crochet version of this jacket (on half way to be exact ;o) and will do my best to offer you a crochet pattern as soon as possible. I’ll keep you updated.

Just Be Yourself

In the other news, my Pineapple Apron Top Pattern made sweet and fresh Pineapple Hospitality collection on Artfire.  Thank you Adrienne25 for including my pattern.

Pineapple Hospitality

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Poppy Paradise

Poppy Pin

My Poppy Pin was featured in Poppy Paradise collection at Artfire. Thank you BearsGraphics for including my pattern to such fabulous and bright collection!

Poppy Paradise

P.S.: Today I hope to take some sneak peek pictures of at least one of my latest designs… stay tuned ;o)

Turquoise Mist

Whimsical Forest2

My Whimsical Forest Owl Jacket was featured in such Pretty Turquoise Mist collection at Artfire, inspired by love of turquoise. Many Thanks to Morrigan for including my pattern.

Turquoise Mist

…In the other news. My Daisy Halter Top Pattern will be released this afternoon, stay tuned! ;o)

Spring Magnolias

Magnolia Coat

My Magnolia Lace Coat Pattern was featured in such Pretty Spring Magnolias collection at Artfire. Many Thanks to Creative ArtGlass for including my pattern …Nothing says spring like Magnolias in full bloom tossed about by warm wind.

Spring Magnolias

The Floral Fiesta Scarf Pattern made Etsy Treasury. Thank you so much Zoeken for including my pattern in such beautiful and bright Floral Fiesta collection.

Floral Fiesta

… And Oh my, my three – Urban Couture Jacket Pattern, Vintage Rose Top Pattern and Hibiscus Halter Top Pattern were included to another Etsy treasury. Many Thanks to AnnabellsHandmades for adding my patterns to your such sweet and inspiring Sugar and Spice. Loook at whats nice collection!

Sugar and Spice

A Wonderful and Sunny weekend to everyone!! After couple gorgeous sunny days, we have rain again and 47 degrees here… but on the optimistic note, it’s a perfect weather to finish a pattern or 2… or 3 ;o)

Spring is here… I think


The Dandelion Top was featured in such Pretty Spring is here….I think collection at Artfire. Many Thanks TimelessVintage for including my pattern …I’m thinking Spring and so ready for one of my favorite time of year ;o)

Spring is here

… And in other news, my newest Polka Dots Cap made 1st Etsy Treasury! Thank you so much artistudios for including my pattern in Lovely pOlKaDo Ts! collection. What an eye Candy collection!! Did I tell you, that polka dots is my MOST favorite print since childhood and I just can’t help myself :о)

Lovely pOlKaDo Ts!