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Kids Rule OK! | Featured Patterns


“…Oh yes they do!” says Margaret – an curator of this lovely and fun Kids Rule OK Etsy treasury! Many thanks for including my Elf Princess Jacket – just in time for Easter project ;o)



Also, let me introduce couple more patterns for Spring/Easter.  All my pattern are available at: my Shop, Etsy and Ravelry.

Flower Power Bolero – my almost first pattern and bolero design, and one of my absolute favorite ones!



Magnolia Coat – I love white and lace… what else I should add to describe this design? ;o)



Oh, and Sunlit Rose – soft as rose petals at dawn, this bolero is sure to win any little girl’s heart!



A lovely and sunny Wednesday everyone!!

That Spring Feeling!!


Sarura Etsy2


I’ve got sweet message from Carole this morning that my Sakura Top was featured in That Spring Feeling Etsy treasure. Such lovely Spring goodies! Thank you so much Carole!!


That Spring Feeeling


Dryad Scarf P


Another great collection is Saturday Kids by EtsyShopSecrets. Many Thanks for adding one of my favorite Dryad Scarf pattern.


Saturday Kids




Oh, and what a luscious Out in the Vineyard treasury! Thanks a lot to Ann from Harleypaws for including my Grape Scarf pattern!


Out In The Vineyard


And to continue fruit theme …here is another fun Look At My Pineapples collection, which is all about cute pineapple inspired gifts and décor ;o) Thank you so much Jenna from JennaMariesShoppe for feature Pineapple Top from my Fruity Fun collection!




Look At My Pineapples


Happy and sunny Monday everyone!!

All on Summer Day

vintage21 copy  vintage3 copy

“..blessings for Monday and the week ahead” says Margaret – an curator of this lovely and full of sunshine Etsy treasury! Many thanks for including my Vintage Rose Top pattern in All on Sumer Day!


All On Summer Day



Fluffy Clouds Blanket

Another absolutely gorgeous and lovely treasury is Potpourri For You and Me! by Elisa and Awilda. Wonderful finds!

Thank you so much for including the Fluffy Clouds Blanket pattern! Also this pattern was featured in wonderful Soft Place to Fall collection by Maureen, which “inspired by mothers who are their childrens’ soft place to fal, comes this collection of soft, fluffy things that make you feel good. Just like Mom.

Potpouuri For You and Me Soft Place to Fall




I just love this plant!!!!” says Sabine, a curator of Dandelion treasury and I must admit that we are definitely on the same page ;o)

Many thanks for including my Dandelion Tunic pattern Sabine!



Magnolia Coat

Sweet things for a little one dear to your heart!” it’s all about such darling and charming Sweet Pea collection by Darlene! Thanks for including the Magnolia Lace Coat pattern in this treasury.

Sweet Pea 


Daysy Pin6

Many Thanks to Schatzinsel for including the Daisy Pin pattern in so pretty and colorful Spring Time Happy Time treasury! My most favorite time of year!!

Spring Time Happy Time



minnie_jacket1  minnie_jacket2 

One of my favorite design and my most lovely Black and Red Mod treasury created by beyond talented girl and my dear friend Ada Gurevich!! “Sometimes I’ve been thinking that I have like dark mood, but then I thought it’s not so bad because this dark colors they are just beautiful, and even babies see those colors first, the Valentine day is all over this colors.”  Thank you so much Aduska for including my Minnie Jacket pattern.

If you not familiar with Ada’s work, make sure to check her shop, which is about Ada’s art work and jewelry. You will LOVE it for sure!!

Black and Red Mod


Polar Bear10

And just in case – a couple more jackets for cold days ;o) My both: knit and crochet versions of Polar Bear jackets pattern was featured in Blue Color treasury by Olga and in Ice Ice Baby by Fulya. Thank you so much ladies!!

Ice Ice Baby  Blue Color




flower_bolero_main   flower_bolero1


And last treasure I would like to share is Needles are clicking away “All over the World” by Margaret.

…needles not my old bones lol ” says Margaret ;o))) Thanks a lot for adding my Flower Power Bolero pattern!



A wonderful and lovely Monday everyone!! :0) I have something to share with you late this week. See you then!!

Alla Koval Designs

Bless All the Dear Children

Bless All the Dear Children

“Dedicated to the children of Newtown, and to the proposition that a child’s childhood and innocence should be inviolate”, says curator of this so sensitive… and so sad Etsy treasury.

My heart go out every time I think of this tragedy… Thank you Louise for this such touching and beautiful tribute.

Alla Koval Designs

Back To School In Style

Forget Me Not01




We all love good yarn

Oh my, I can’t believe that school is right around the corner and now is the time to think about back to school outfits for your little ones…

Thank you Margaret to including my Forget-Me-Not Top pattern in Back to school in Style treasury and Dandelion Tunic pattern in We all love a ‘good yarn’.

…. Yes, we do Margaret! And all the goodies we can do with it ;o)


Magnolia Coat

On angels Wings

Many Thanks to Clematiscrafts for including Magnolia Lace Coat pattern to such darling  On Angels Wings… treasury.

Total sweetness!!


vintage21 copy

If I could turn back time

And Thank you for including my Vintage Rose Top pattern in this such brilliant If I could turn back time… would I? treasury.

Great question to think about….. I don’t think I would, and one of the reason that I wouldn’t have the same people in my life as I do now.

How about you? ;o)


A Wonderful Thursday everyone!!

la Koval Designs


Poppy Love & Beyond

Poppy Top

Poppy Love Little Lady

Such gorgeous and my absolute favorite collection of poppies so far!! I would buy every single piece from this Poppy Love treasury – just lovely! And oh my, how cute is Little Lady collection?! What gorgeous little ladies they all are! I ♥ it! Thank you so much Anna Poli  and UnlimitedCraftworks for adding my Poppy Tank Top pattern.



Grapes and Grapevines

Grapes and Grapevines. Beautiful purple summer fruit of the vine. Thank you Alida Bunder for adding my Grape Scarf pattern.



Strawberry Picking  You make me happy when skieas are grey

To continue fruit theme …smaks of sunshine and summer ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for adding my Strawberry Apron Top pattern to such yummy and fun Strawberry pickin’ treasury! Also this pattern was featured in another Margaret’s You make me happy when skies are grey treasury. Just wonder if Margaret lives in Seattle. We definitely need more treasures like this ;) Thank you again Margaret!



Twirls for girls

What a sweet collection Twirls for our girls… of all things twirly … bunch of lovely finds to twirling in ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for including my Sunlit Rose Bolero pattern.


Flower Girls

April Showers Bring Flowers  Emeraild,Neon

April Showers Bring May Flowers is all about daisies and Emerald, Neon, Green, Spring Daisies Flower, Children Gifts, Pastel Home Décor is all about wonderful blend of pretty things! Many thanks Christine and Nermin for adding my Daisy Halter Top pattern to such sweet and pretty treasury.



More Pink

And something for girly girls… Thank you so much Sue for adding my Raspberry Top pattern to More pink is Girly-icious… Gift Guide collection! Not sure about pink, but raspberries are ones of Kristin’s favorite berries (most favorite are blueberries ;o)


Happy Monday everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

Thank heaven for little girls..

Just spotted latest Etsy’s treasures and can’t resist to share some, especially Thank heaven for little girls.. What a parade of sweetness!


LadyBugDetails  ladybug_details3

….19 off them…wearing the most beautiful creations says Margaret – a curator of this such darling and beautiful collection.

Thank you so much Margaret for including my Ladybug Apron Top pattern.

Thanks heaven for little girls


Another absolutely gorgeous and lovely treasury is Soft and Unique by Pasin. Wonderful finds!

Many thanks for adding the Forget-Me-Not Halter Top pattern.

Forget Me Not01

Soft and Unique


Who knew owls were so versatile? Have a hankering to make something funky? Take a look at the patterns for these outstanding owls who double as toys, coin purses, finger puppets, booties, hats, doorstops, quilts, mobiles, rattles, scissor cases, etc. “  as says Melissa Matthews, a curator of What a hoot! Make your own owl! awesome treasury! They are all so adorable!! I love them all.

Thanks so much for including Whimsical Forest Owl jacket pattern in such a great group of Hoots!

Whimsical Forest4

What a Hoot


…. And a bit smacks of sunshine and summer ;o) What a wonderful strawberries finds!!

Thanks a lot Margaret for including my Strawberry Apron Top pattern if such sweet and yummy Strawberry pickin’ collection!

strawberry_main  strawberry_details2

Strawberry Pickin


Oh my – I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already… So, I’ll better back to work, but will do my best to find a bit free time in near future to share with you my latest news and probably some sneak peeks… ;o)

Alla Koval Designs

Its’ a coming … Spring!

Dandelion Tunic

… Rain and gales here at the minute… but Spring is coming! cant wait:))” says Margaret, a curator of such cool and beautiful Its’ a comin’ …Spring!! treasury. Oh, roll on Spring PLEASE! I feel more than ready for spring and can’t wait for warn and sunny days if it possible here in Seattle anymore ;o)

It's a comin'..

Thank you so much Margaret for including my Dandelion Tunic Pattern.


Daysy Pin5

Grass Fields and Daisies The Spider Wove its Web

This whole Grass Fields and Daisies collection makes me happy! Love the daisies and happy yellow! Also the Daisy Pin Pattern was included in such fun and wonderful The spider wove its web… treasury.




What a juicy and Fruit-y-licious this Etsy treasury! Many thanks Dorothy for including my Strawberry Apron Top Top Pattern.


Poppy Top 1

Red Poppy Poppy Fields Forever

Poppies are such a popular flower and make every item warmer. What a gorgeous and bright Red Poppy and Poppie fields forever collections! Thank you so much for including my Poppy Top pattern.


2010_10  2011_05

You are so beautiful for me

And my Magnolia Lace Coat and Polka Dots Cap patterns was featured in such darling and sweet And You are ‘so beautiful to me… treasury. Aren’t they just?! :o) Thank you so much Margaret!


In the other news… This afternoon we are going to Vancouver, BC, Canada (our daughter participates in Planet Rhythmics Invitational 2012 competitions in rhythmic gymnastics) and will be back late evening Sunday, 18th. I’m leaving my stores open and will do my best to manage all purchases as soon as possible. For immediately download my patterns are available in my Shop, Raverly and YCMT shops. Please be patient with me if here is some delay with response.

my-lcg[1] ravelry[1] ycmt[1]


A wonderful and sunny weekend everyone!!

Daisy Chain

I love to check Etsy’s Treasury, an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery, where members can feature their favorite items or items selected on a theme or whatever they like. And I can’t hide that always thrilled to see my designs included in such wonderful and lovely collections ;o)

Daysy Pin6

Many thanks to Valerie Wick’s for including my Garden Party. Daisy Pin Pattern to such sweet and romantic Daisy Chain treasury, featuring daisies of all kinds!

Daisy Chain

Grape Scarf

Fruity Fun. Grape Scarf Pattern featured in two wonderful collections: Grapes and The Vinyard.

Thinking of spring and the beauty of grapevines covering a trellis, the romance of the plant itself and the luscious flavors!

Thanks a lot to Elisabeth Kinney and Deb L for including my pattern.


The Vinyard

And make sure to check such darling and lovely Gifts for a little chic princess treasury! Thank you so much to Alessandra Geninatti for including my Minnie Jacket Pattern.

Gifts For A Chic Princess


Happy Tuesday everyone! Make your day fantastic!

Santa’s Workshop Is Working Hard

2006_36 2006_37

My Grinch Hand Knitted Jacket was features in two such wonderful and fun Santa’s Wokshop is working hard! and Let Me You Smile! Etsy’s treasures. Many thanks to Teri for including my pattern! Crochet version of this jacket (Elf Princess) is available here.

Santa's Workshop Let Me Make You Smile


Grape Scarf

Grape Scarf

If you have not yet decided on a Christmas… how about Christmas With The Peacocks At The Vineyard? ;o) Thank you so much Amanda Doubblestien for including my Grape Scarf pattern to such lovely treasury – pure eye candy!!

Christmas With The Peacocks At The Vineyard


Faerie Dreams Dress

Faerie Dreams05

And the Faerie Dreams Hand Knitted Dress was featured in ITS PARTY TIME!! treasury. “Noting sweeter than a little girl dressed in her party finery! Some lovely items here that will fit the bill absolutely! Be ready for the Christmas party times!”, says curator of this such sweet and girlie collection. Thanks a lot for including my pattern, labazs from UK!

Its Party Time


Wee Style Magazine Winter 2011-2012

Wee Style Magazine Winter 2011_1

The Winter issue of Wee Style Magazine, published by Angela Owens is now for sale! Thank you so much Angela for featuring my two latest Elf Princess and Paint The Town designs and such amazing pictures!

Wee Style Magazine Winter 2011

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