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Hand Knit Fur Cuffs – FREE pattern

There is a funny story with these Fur Cuffs. I created them in 2004 as a
compromise between me and my Kristin. I wanted to make her coat with
fur collar and cuffs (1st pic below),  but my 2 years Wonder did not  look
excited about fur cuffs ;)  So, I’ve made them removable and than found
that they work perfect as boot cuffs too…

WebFurCoatKristin1 bootcuffs8 bootcuffs3

Such a Fun accessories! Made from  elastic cotton blend yarn and featured
feather-like yarn called Tecno hair that is very soft and silky.  They can be
worn with any tops, jackets, turtlenecks.  I also call them the  Boot Inserts
and You can use them with ANY boots, whether high or ankle..

The eBook is available for download for FREE.

Download: fur_cuffs.pdf
Updated: August 29, 2008
Size: 1.1 MiB

The Gedifra’s Tecno Hair yarn is discontinued, but still available on eBay in
a big variety of colors. Make sure to check some others online stores too.

* The pattern involves knit skills.

4 pages; 7 pics.

Please read and follow my copyright info. Thank You!! Also, this pattern
has not been tested, so if you find any mistakes or typos, please let me
know so that I can fix it.

11 Responses to Hand Knit Fur Cuffs – FREE pattern

  1. 1
    Janet Jasper says:

    Thanks so much for the fun pattern. I have a little friend who will just love these fur cuffs. I made her the ladybug dress and she wants to wear it everyday. :)

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    You are always Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and your Sweet comment.

  3. 3
    Renae says:

    Thank you for the pattern…My daughter will LOVE these !!!

  4. 4
    Cleo says:

    Hi can’t wait to try these I have 3 granddughters and also the techno yarn. thanks again


  5. 5
    JoAnne says:

    Please Help! After all the knitting is done – I need to understand
    better how to assemble.PLEASE!!
    Thanx again
    Need to understand how to fold and when to stitch

  6. 6
    Alla says:

    Hi JoAnne,
    You do not need to stitch. Just fold fur part and that all.

    Thank you,

  7. 7
    alex says:

    Add to my Bookmarks :)

  8. 8
    Liivi Alexander says:

    Ladybug dress? Where can I get the pattern, please? Thank you so much.

  9. 9

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  10. 10
    Joan Franklin says:

    My granddaughters will love these.

  11. 11

    Wow…The girl looks like a barbie girl!!Soooo cute!!

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