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Blast From The Past

Hehe… look what I found. Our baby Kristin in my very first crochet coat design.

P.S: Would you recognize our daughter now… in her 17?! 🥰

That Magic Mood

•Rus⤵︎• The snow is falling somewhere (but not in Seattle) and the wonderful season is already here. I love this time of year when the magic happens. This year even the hummingbirds decided to spend the winter with us – I have never seen so many of them in our backyard.
Did you recognize this lovely sweet girl and the scarf she wears?! ;o)
And BTW, regarding my previous post about the colors this one looks like true turquoise for me. How about you? ;o)
🇷🇺 Хотя снег в Сиэтле и редкость, но праздничное настроение никто не отменял, и я обожаю это время года. Не в смысле обложиться мандаринками в ожидании боя курантов, а когда радует каждая деталь и все воспринимается через какую-то магическую призму. В этом году даже колибри решили с нами «перезимовать» – я никогда не видела их в таком количестве у нас в саду.
Кстати, узнаете суперскую девчонку-модельку?! А шарфик? 😉
И, возвращаясь к теме сине-зелёных оттенков, цвет шарфика и футболки я вижу как бирюзовый (turquoise). ⁉️А как видите его вы? Всегда очень интересно насколько мы по разному видем и воспринимаем цвета и оттенки.

The Day of Sport

It’s always awesome to start your day with Empowered Recreation, and our goal is to make our morning workouts 5 days a week regularly. Well, at least yesterday we’ve had one ;o)


That afternoon, we spend about 7 hours at Key Arena for two reasons. First is our IRG&B girls made a debut with a group routine before the basketball game. Even if it’s our very first group routine, the girls had a huge success and got lots of compliments! The video below is unfortunately not the best quality (we definitely still need to learn how to record the group performance).


And then we’ve watched for the first time the basketball game. The Storm defeated the Phoenix Mercury, 88-79! Good job ladies!!

We’ve came back to home around 11:30pm happy, excited even if enough exhausted. Anyways – such memories! ;o)

Why I should do Aerial and Gymnastic | Kristin’s essay


Our girl fell in love with aerial art after a b-day party at Sanca but since she’s still crazy on rhythmic gymnastic and already has 15-20 hours a week, we were worry that an extra sport will be too much for her age and such busy schedule. But Kristin’s essay just melt our hearts – is here any chance to say “No” to this lovely girl, especially if count that she was talked about just 1 hour a week class during summer break ;o) 


In the other news – today is our 14th anniversary! … About a week later we’ve moved to US! … And some months later we’ve met Annya, Alex, Sergey, Svetlana, Oleg – our very first “foreign”, such lovely and fantastic friends for all these 14 years!



P.S.: I’ve tried to find any digital group photos dated 1999; but found just this one of our first ones, taken with our very first digital camera in 2001… with even more friends and about in a month our daughter was born… such memories!!



… And last, but definitely not least, looks as we got summer here (finally!) YAY!! ;o)

Millennium Cup | Vancouver 2013


What a long, but such exciting and lovely weekend we spent at MILLENNIUM CUP 2013 International Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational competition our daughter participated! We so enjoyed such beautiful competition venue, outstanding performances, incredibly talented and beautiful participants and  atmosphere. Such memories!

Our daughter got silver in hoop routine and 4th place in free, ball routines and overall in her age and level! And our Romana Vasilega and Eugenia Prada (two another girls from IRG&B team) got gold in two routines and overall!! We are SO HAPPY and PROUND for our girls and academy!!

MC05  MC02




MC012  MC017


MC014  MC016




I always was in love with rhythmic gymnastic and skating, and I think it’s really the best and most pretty sport for girls! I am so glad that my Kristin in and truly enjoy the rhythmic gymnastic, which is all about:



My apologies for such number or pictures, I just can’t resist to share ;o)

Bless All the Dear Children

Bless All the Dear Children

“Dedicated to the children of Newtown, and to the proposition that a child’s childhood and innocence should be inviolate”, says curator of this so sensitive… and so sad Etsy treasury.

My heart go out every time I think of this tragedy… Thank you Louise for this such touching and beautiful tribute.

Alla Koval Designs

International Rhythmic Gymnastic & Ballet. Tracksuits


I guess today will be pretty exciting day for every little gymnastic girl from IRG&B studio even for me ;o) The custom team tracksuits are arrived today, we just finished packing them and are getting ready to deliver them.

My Gymnastic Girl



What a long, but such exciting and lovely day we spent at rhythmic gymnastics Individual and Group competition our daughter participated! We enjoyed such beautiful and outstanding performances, incredibly talented and beautiful participants and atmosphere. Such memories!

Our daughter got 1st place overall in her age and level! We are really happy that Kristin enjoins gymnastic and feel so proud for our girl! Each level has different rules and number or routines to show. Kristin competed in Level 4 and had 3 routines: floor, ball and rope. She got 1st place in both ball and rope routines, 3rd place in floor routine and 1st place overall!!

Kristin’s floor routine:

Here is also Ball and Rope routines, but unfortunately about the same horrible quality (as well as the pictures). We definitely need to work on this part and probably use something different that just iPhone’s camera ;o)



Happy Sunday everyone!!

We did it! :o)

Believe you or not, but this morning my DH and I had yoga for 32th day in a row (had to miss 2 days due the class schedule). Not that only we are still alive, but feel pretty good and proud that realized one of our challenges from enough long list ;o)

Visit History

I do not think our goal is to be such flexible like this guy LOL or even to be able to do things like our daughter shows and amazes us every time. But we are planning to make hot yoga our every morning exercise at least.

And below are some pictures of Kristin an her rhythmic gymnastic class I just can’t resist to share ;o)





All girls are just amazing, isn’t! I’m so happy that Kristin is enjoining the gymnastic and we feel so proud for our girl!!

Fall City, WA. Wallaby Ranch

We still don’t have even Spring here… but can you believe we are so ready for outdoor activities?! ;o) So we spend most our weekends for traveling and visiting some fun places. This weekend we with our friends are really enjoined Wallaby Ranch located in Fall City, WA.

Wallaby Ranch5 Wallaby Ranch9
Wallaby Ranch17
Wallaby Ranch8 Wallaby Ranch7

We watched video and learned new information:
– kangaroo use tail to walk – like 5th leg!
– they are pretty smart – can open door handle and water facet Eye rolling smile
– they do use hands a lot – to walk, to eat, to fight and so on, even can climb the fence in case of
– mother can close her pocket so tight that no water will go inside when she swims
– they like to rest on the back.

Wallaby Ranch16 Wallaby Ranch6

Look at this little Cutie. The farm owner had it under his jacket for 10 minutes and everyone was surprised when he took it out! We all were charmed and excited to hold a baby kangaroo ;o)

Wallaby Ranch10
Wallaby Ranch1 Wallaby Ranch3 Wallaby Ranch2
Wallaby Ranch4

The albino kangaroo looks definitely different ;o)

Wallaby Ranch11 Wallaby Ranch12

And below are Wallabies (a dwarf kangaroo) – they are so cute! It was really hard to assure Kristin that we do not looking for a new “family member” this time, even if Wallaby is just about 2 ft. tall.

Wallaby Ranch14
Wallaby Ranch15 Wallaby Ranch13

Thanks a lot to Sergey for such Amazing pictures!! So glad you guys joined us. See you soon!

Today’s forecast offers 48-58 degrees and rain at least 3 days more … well, another trip is scheduled ;o)

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