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Fall City, WA. Wallaby Ranch

We still don’t have even Spring here… but can you believe we are so ready for outdoor activities?! ;o) So we spend most our weekends for traveling and visiting some fun places. This weekend we with our friends are really enjoined Wallaby Ranch located in Fall City, WA.

Wallaby Ranch5 Wallaby Ranch9
Wallaby Ranch17
Wallaby Ranch8 Wallaby Ranch7

We watched video and learned new information:
– kangaroo use tail to walk – like 5th leg!
– they are pretty smart – can open door handle and water facet Eye rolling smile
– they do use hands a lot – to walk, to eat, to fight and so on, even can climb the fence in case of
– mother can close her pocket so tight that no water will go inside when she swims
– they like to rest on the back.

Wallaby Ranch16 Wallaby Ranch6

Look at this little Cutie. The farm owner had it under his jacket for 10 minutes and everyone was surprised when he took it out! We all were charmed and excited to hold a baby kangaroo ;o)

Wallaby Ranch10
Wallaby Ranch1 Wallaby Ranch3 Wallaby Ranch2
Wallaby Ranch4

The albino kangaroo looks definitely different ;o)

Wallaby Ranch11 Wallaby Ranch12

And below are Wallabies (a dwarf kangaroo) – they are so cute! It was really hard to assure Kristin that we do not looking for a new “family member” this time, even if Wallaby is just about 2 ft. tall.

Wallaby Ranch14
Wallaby Ranch15 Wallaby Ranch13

Thanks a lot to Sergey for such Amazing pictures!! So glad you guys joined us. See you soon!

Today’s forecast offers 48-58 degrees and rain at least 3 days more … well, another trip is scheduled ;o)

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    judy orrego says:

    Another wonderful trip! =) xoxoxo

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