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Dream Catcher Collection. Sneak Peak №3 | Sweet Dreams

Dream Catcher Collection. Sneak Peak №3 & What to Expect from March 8th?!

And a summer version of Dream Catcher blanket—Sweet Dreams blanket + 5 Border varieties and different yarn weight options. More photos and details are coming…

So, what to expect from March 8th?
♥️ I have at least 2 reasons why you will be waiting for my post and email (if subscribed) tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Dream Catcher Collection. Sneak Peak №2 | Dreamland Blanket

Now, each new version of Dream Catcher Blanket has own name.

The Dreamland blanket (reduced size shown) it’s all about love to puff stitches!!

Yarn used is Shine Sport by @knit_picks. It’s such intersting yarn I worked with for several projects. I’ll post about under “Yarn Talk” on Friday.

To see more details and videos, let’s get connected on Instagram: @allakovaldesigns and Facebook  🥰 🥰 🥰


Just for Inspiration!


First of all, Thank you so much everyone for your love and Inner Peace Chemisette orders. I am so happy you like it!!

And here is an idea how to turn chemisette into ….a gilet. What do you think? I wear it over shirt, sweater, or simple over a tank top ;o)

Have a lovely day!! 🥰 🥰 🥰



Dream Catcher New Versions | Sneak Peak №1

It seems that the Dream Catcher blanket is the second most popular after Fluffy Clouds. Thank you so much, I am so glad you love it!! 🥰
And some of you, having crocheted 2-3 blankets, ask if there will be other variations. Other ladies ask if it possible to replace Horizontal Puff stitch with another one, because they found Horizontal Puff stitch a bit difficult. And also, from a lady in Australia, I got a request to make a summer version of the Dream Catcher blanket…
Sure, I couldn’t resist to play with new varieties…and as a result, I made enough (or better to say, – more than enough) versions for your pleasure, and plus instructions will be provided for almost any yarn weight: from fingering to bulky.

So, a version №1 of Dream Catcher is pretty simple: by your request, Horizontal Puff Stitch is substituted by Popcorn stitch. Sample made with Brava Bulky yarn by @wecrochetofficial (Knit Picks).
Stay tuned and have a lovely day! 🥰

My To Do List

My To Do List 💪🏻
But, first, a little weekend trip and the final homework for the current course.
BTW, which of these instructions will you wait … if any? If not, which design you wish to include in my schedule?
Have a lovely weekend!!! 🥰🥰🥰

26 New Designs, Are You Ready?! ;o)

I told you that I was enough creative last year and yes, 26 new designs are waiting for you … but I won’t show them until:
1️⃣ I will not finish at least 5 instructions I promissed (few of them I own since 2015 🙈)
2️⃣ I have to realize that I have to write 26 new patterns and try to not create new designs.

And, if the first task is feasible, then the second sounds more than a challenge, and I think we will break this rule time to time 😉

So, let’s start with such simple, but versatile neck wormer/chemisette—my ABSOLUTE favorite accessory I even made for myself (all three shown – are mine ;o))


Stay on top of your wardrobe game with the Inner Peace Chemisette – a unique piece worn as an inner layer for any ensemble!

Worked in your favorite fingering weight yarn, this sleeveless accessory adds an elegant layer to everyday outfits without excessive bulk, and will keep your neck and chest warm under your usual coat or jacket.

The pattern includes three variant designs, for your styling convenience. Make the piece long in front for belting or tucking in; short for a crop-top; in a single color, or with contrasting color blocks for visual interest. Choose between a turtleneck and a funnel collar, for the perfect finishing touch!

Find your Inner Peace, and step out in style!

For the video, please visit my Facebook page or Instagram.

The pattern will be released right I get it back from tech editing. I’ll keep you updated.



Hello, April!

Video: Werble-234EF0850

YAY! I just finished course in mobile shooting and photo editing by amazing @photo_by_lada and even got a Certificate. ⠀

Here are my finals and photos before… and my Certificate of course 😜 Next course is video… wish me luck!

Mouse Sweater Progress

Mouse sweater progress. Any name suggestions?! 😉

Sakura Top is the most bought instruction for the last two weeks. Does everyone seem ready for spring?! 🌸

Which version of Sakura top do you like better: white or pink?

Oh, and first photo is one of my most favorite photo of amazing Romana which exactly describes my feelings for Spring 🌱🤓 Thank you so much beautiful and gorgeous girl for such fantastic memories!! 🥰
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Rus 🇷🇺
Судя потому, что инструкция Sakura топика лидирует по продажам за последние пару недель—все готовы к весне?! 🌸🌱 А, кстати какая версия топика вам нравится больше – белая или розовая?

Kristin Sweater | Final Photos

About 45% of the pattern done ✅ But I should take a little pause to work on project for magazine and to meet deadline.



Have a lovely weekend everyone!! 😘😘😘 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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