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Purple Mood. Free Scarf Pattern for Kids and Women. My First Follower Appreciation Giveaway

Purple Mood Logo

Simply sweet and versatile. Such a fun project which takes just a couple
hours and can be made with any kind of plain or textured yarn  and any
colors combination  or even single-colored –  whatever you can  think of!
Get a fun to create your own. A perfect gift idea too!

Purple Mood Scarf 1 Purple Mood Scarf A2 Purple Mood Scarf 2

This eBook is available for download for FREE.

Download: purple_mood_scarf_v1.pdf
Updated: November 4, 2010
Size: 1.5 MiB

Finished Measurements: 81/2” wide x 2 yards long (without tassels)

* The pattern involves knitting skills ONLY.

Yarn: Gedifra Serano (52% Nylon, 48%  Polyamid/50 g (1.75 oz)/100 m
(109 yds)): #4405 purple – 1 ball; Gedifra Tecno Hair (100% Nylon/50 g
(1.75  oz)/90 m  (100  yds): # 9606  purple – 1 ball; GGH  Esprit  (100%
Polyamid/50g (1.75 oz)/80 m (88 yds)): #21 dark purple – 1 ball; Crystal
Palace Yarns Bunny Hop (50% Micro acrylic, 42 Micro nylon, 8% Rabbit
angora/50 g (1.75 oz)/113 yd (104 m)): #0213 black – 1 skein.

5 pages; 5 pictures.

Purple Mood Stripes Scarf Pages

Please read and follow my copyright info. THANK YOU! Also, this pattern
has not been tested, so if you find any mistakes or typos, please let me
know and I will fix it.

And now Welcome to my very First Follower Appreciation Giveaway! As
you know this blog was started September 2007, but just several days
ago I’ve joined toNetworkedBlogs (… too late is better than never ;o)
I feel so excited and have couple giveaways for my very first followers.
And very Welcome to new followers to come! So…

1. A 10th follower of this blog will get this yarn set (see picture below) to
make Purple Mood  scarf or whatever you  would like to make! The  yarn
is ready  to ship and  can be  shipped  even tomorrow. Please  note: the
needles are not included. How to enter: just leave a comment with your
follower name to this post and you will be automatically entered to 2nd
giveaway too. CLOSED!! The Winner is Maureen Merchant!! CONGRATS
Please email me your shipping address and I’ll ship your yarn

Purple Mood Giveaway1

2. One lucky follower from anywhere in the world will win a Surprise Box
of 20 balls of Euro yarn (total weight 1 kg (2.2 lbs) and value $130-180)
for your projects. I’ll email with quick questionnaire to the winner to make
sure that you will get yarn in your favorite colors and textures. To get an
idea what kind of yarn may be in your surprise box, check my Yarn page,
where listed some of my favorite yarn I have in my stash.

Purple Mood Giveaway2

Each person is allowed to enter up to 3 times as follows:

  • Mandatory entry. You have to be a follower of my blog and you have
    to leave a comment for this post:

1. Scroll  down to see  Networkedblogs widget  on the right sidebar
and press Follow this Blog button if you are not a follower yet.
2. Leave comment here, on mylittlecitygirl.com site.

Note: if you became follower but don’t see yourself in Networkedblogs
widget, go  ahead  and  leave a comment, widget  is a bit slow, please
give it a time to refresh statistics.

  • Optional Entry #2. Blog  about  this  giveaway, linking  to  this post
    and leave another comment to this post with link to your blog post.
  • Optional Entry #3.  Spread the World and leave one more comment
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  • This giveaway starts today, November 4th and will end November
    21th, 2010 at Midnight PST time.
  • I’ll select the winner with random.org’s random number generator
    If you have more then 1 Entry and follow rules of Optional Entry sure
    you have more chances to be  a winner! I’ll notify the Winner by email
    on Monday, November 22th.
  • The winner will  have 3 days to respond. If  the winner doesn’t reply
    within 3 days, that winner will forfeit the prize and an alternate winner
    will be selected via random.org.

Thanks for reading!

Alla Koval Designs

75 Responses to Purple Mood. Free Scarf Pattern for Kids and Women. My First Follower Appreciation Giveaway

  1. 1
    maureen merchant says:

    glad to be a “follower” of your blog – another way to keep up with your wonderful creations. “mo”

  2. 2
    D. Byrne says:

    I can see my princess-loving granddaughter LOVING this purple scarf. Thank you, Alla!

  3. 3
    kaileybear says:

    awesome color love all your designss

  4. 4
    Lindy says:

    I’m a follower! Love the new scarf!

  5. 5
    Jeannette says:

    You are so wonderful! Thank you for all of your creations.

  6. 6
    Tina says:

    YAY! Thank you for the pattern! It looks so yummy to make!!! My fingers are itching to crochet again as well. Thanks Alla!

  7. 7
    Lorraine says:

    Love your new patterns!!!!!Your work is very much appreciated!! Thank you once again

  8. 8
    Susan says:

    I LOVE purple and to crochet scarves!

  9. 9
    Susan says:

    By the way I am a follower of your blog at Facebook. The name is Susan Ryder. I hope I got it right (by clicking to your networked blog button and then I was taken to Facebook page.)

  10. 10
  11. 11

    i just finished your polarbear cardigan and am making another in black for her little brother—love that pattern. can’t wait to try the purple mood scarf. your patterns are easy to follow and are very unique.

  12. 12

    Nice idea…OMGosh, love those purples! ;)

  13. 13
  14. 14
    Tatiana says:

    Do I need to have a facebook account to enter the Networkedblogs? No matter what, I am a BIG FOLLOWER of your work!!! I always enjoy receiving news from you, and love spending time looking at all the beautiful work you do. Hope someday to win a giveaway!

  15. 15

    Алла, не знаю, получилось ли у меня стать Вашей читательницей, но почитательница Вашего творчества – давно. Очень приятно была удивлена, когда в июле обнаружила свои работы в Вашем коллаже http://mylittlecitygirl.com/?p=5480. Спасибо большое за удивительные модели! Ссылка на Ваше сообщение у меня в блоге, слева.

  16. 16
    Ellen Coppell says:

    I love the scarf – very fun! It would be great to win the yarn as I could build my stash! Even if I don’t win, thanks for always thinking of the consumer with the giveaways and free AND paid patterns. :)

  17. 17
    Erika says:

    As always, it is fantastic Alla.

  18. 18
    Alissa says:

    FYI – Under finished measurements it says that this is a crochet pattern. I know it says at top hand knitted so I was confused (and disappointed since I only crochet). Looking forward to more patterns for crochet from you! Love your designs.

  19. 19
    Barb says:

    Thank you for the really cool pattern! I’ll be trying it out soon.

  20. 20

    I love your designs. You have so much talent.

  21. 21
    Sharon Curtis says:

    I am still breathlessly awaiting a book series based on your designs!! They are all wonderful, and yet each item has an element of simplicity that can be used in other areas!! Very excited about your work. I have found myself unable to finish some of the knitted patterns due to my ability to only read British patterns that list each step of the patten very specifically, so I hope to find someone locally with a talent for explanation. I have been knitting and crocheting for over 25 years, so maybe it won’t be too hard to teach me. HAHA I love the purple scarf, it looks like many ages of young girls would enjoy, stylish and cozy too!!

  22. 22
    Rachel says:

    I love that purple! Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking.

  23. 23
    Amanda says:

    I love your patterns. They are so unique and adorable. :o)

  24. 24
    amanda rice says:

    I am new to your blog and just love it. I would love to win this. I love the whimsical sweaters and colorful outfits shown also . Thank you for having such a great blog and GOOD LUCK to everyone.

  25. 25
    Henrietta says:

    So glad to have come across your site! Beautiful scarf! I am a follower now :) – Henrietta Newman

  26. 26
    Ru says:

    Hi! Came across your blog via Ravelry while searching for teeny-tiny projects to make…(Rose buds brooch post). I love the look of your blog and will definitely be following it. (Just became a follower- it’s via facebook, right??))

  27. 27
    Ru says:

    I linked this post on my blog…..

  28. 28
    Rachel says:

    I love being able to crochet, and crocheting with beautiful material would be a perk! Thanks for all of your inspiring patterns.

  29. 29
    Shannon DeRogatis says:

    Love the blog….Your creations are beautiful and fun! What a fun way to get others involved!

  30. 30

    I’m so glad to be a follower of your blog. Hugs…

  31. 31

    I have blogged about your site and giveaway…


  32. 32
    robin says:

    LOVE your designs and I’m a follower. Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

  33. 33
    Martha McDanel says:

    You have colorful and unique patterns. I am a novice, but look forward to trying the pineapple pattern.

  34. 34

    I just finished the Urban Couture jacket and am amazed at how well I did as a new knitter. Thanks for all the amazing designs! Back to work on the Polar Bear jacket.

  35. 35
  36. 36
    mari walther says:

    I first got youre web site today. Purple is my color. Goint to knit a scarf in the am. I will keep you posted how pretty it is. mari

  37. 37
    anu says:

    I love to come back again and again to check on your designs. and the giveaways are wonderful.

  38. 38
    Sarah Jones says:

    I am following your network blog :)
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  39. 39
    Kimberly says:

    Your patterns are so easy to follow! I’m on my second Fiesta bag. I love the extra detail you provide in the diagrams. It really helps those of us that need to check their work. Sometimes the words are not enough! I also love that the designs are so colorful. I’ll be telling all my crochet and knitting friends about this site. Thank you!

  40. 40
    Janet Brani says:

    Absolutely love your designs and now following your blog! Would you share what program you use to format your patterns – they are so professional looking.

  41. 41
    Joan Franklin says:

    I love getting new patterns. This is great, as I have 5 daughters and many granddaughters and greatgranddaughters. Looking forwards to following you on your network Blog.

  42. 42
    Joan Franklin says:

    What do you mean by Moderation??

  43. 43
    Alaina says:

    I love every one of your designs, can’t wait for the polar bear coat in crochet! just recently re-taught myself to knit (from childhood) so I would be able to work more of these pattens. Thanks for sharing.

  44. 44

    cool giveaway! thanks :)

  45. 45
    Jennifer H says:

    Super excited. Have been needing to update my stash of yarn. Haven’t had new yarn in over a year since having a baby. This would be great!

  46. 46
    Alexis Aislin says:

    u mm…. although it’s my first time checking and exploring your site… i love all your designs…. it all shows a picture of a masterpiece with originality……
    i don’t know who will win the prize but I’m hoping that it would be me… i don’t really expect anything but god bless you always… hoping to see more designs and patterns…

    a new follower of yours,

  47. 47
    Alexis Aislin says:

    by the way the patter of you scarf is superb… i also like the pattern of your papillon pin crochet… i think that maybe one day i would be like you….

    your follower,

  48. 48
    Sandy says:

    Purple is my favorite color…and I love all your designs! :-)

  49. 49
    Sandy Bandt says:

    Would love to follow you! Gorgeous scarf, too!

  50. 50
    Barb H says:

    Just found your site. Love the Purple Mood Scarf! Hope to try the pattern and would love to be a winner! Barb

  51. 51
    Jane S says:

    I love the title “Purple Mood Scarf” ! March is known as Purple Month for the Epilepsy Society here. Will come in handy.

  52. 52
    Carolyn says:

    I love the beautiful purple scarf. Will try it with the same colors.

  53. 53
    sherry c says:

    cool scarf. just found your scarf. Excited to follow your blog!

  54. 54

    Going to make scarf. Thanmks for pattern

  55. 55
    viki says:

    your design is amazing.
    i just love them

  56. 56
    Sonnie says:

    I love your scarf

  57. 57
    Bernadette says:

    Just found this blog and its wonderfull. Only a little problem, I can’t download any pattern. Don’t know what to do? Can some one help me?
    Many thanks

  58. 58
    Margie Malone says:

    Purple! Purple! Is there any better color to lift your mood and make you feel pretty? I just found your hlog and will follow it. This looks like a great pattern with yarns I have never tried. But, in every project, I like to try something about it that I’ve never done before.

  59. 59
    Cris says:

    Love your blog, but I too can’t seem to download your patterns.


  60. 60
    Cris says:

    Never mind, I found the link to down load the pattern. Silly me! Thanks!

  61. 61
    Maye says:

    Really like your scarf. Just found this site. Am beginning to knit again, did so some years back and then quit, but have decided to take it up again. Am going to knit this one.

  62. 62
    Judy says:

    thanks for the cool pattern!

  63. 63
    Judy says:

    Love purple, more please

  64. 64
    maura says:

    oh that purple, and the textures! love it.

  65. 65
    MeMe says:

    Great Scarf! I have a purple loving grandaughter who will absolutely love it! (Especially since it uses “fancy” yarns)

  66. 66
    Louise says:

    The scarf is beautiful and fun. I love purples and pinks so will probably incorporate both colours in this design. Your work is lovely. Louise from the UK x

  67. 67
    Linda says:

    Am just starting to follow. So far – VERY GOOD. Thanks.

  68. 68
    tami says:

    Happy to be a blog follower. I love your work it’s an inspiration

  69. 69
    Peg Bonneville says:

    I’m a beginner with a capital B! I just took up knitting recently. I love it but I’m a little nervous to try anything too difficult. This looks adorable!

  70. 70
    Sheila Palkowitsh says:

    Purple is my favorite color and I love the pattern

  71. 71
    Margaret Grigg says:

    Love the color and the yarns. I have a daughter-in-law who loves scarves like this….Will make it for her..Color is perfect, TOO

  72. 72
    Sharon says:

    Beautiful colors! Would love to have pattern

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