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Lace Coat Progress

Sneak peek №2
The result of voting for the style of back panel was about 45% to 55% in favor of a white coat. I also could not choose, so I ended up with the third version, which can be embellished in couple ways for different look. It’s look funny without collar and sleeves but I wanted to give you an idea what it’s look like 😉 What do you think?
For the back panel of turquoise coat – I’ll use it for lace tunic pattern for sure. And now I think think that back panel on white coat makes the coat a bit overloaded with variety of lace patterns 🤔
In the other news.
So far:
☑︎ Both coats about 70% done.
☑︎ All 💯+ stitch diagrams are finished.
☑︎ Instructions for sleeves and back inserts are written as well as material list and Special Stitches.
☑︎ Schematic and resizing half done.
I am so looking forward to finish the coats and pattern as soon ad possible. But first I should complete and ship secret project for Interweave Crochet Fall 2019 issue 😎

2 Responses to Lace Coat Progress

  1. 1
    greatminds on Rav says:

    I think it looks gorgeous as a sleeveless version too!
    i’m loving the two options here and it’s always a selling point when daughters both love the designs but they don’t want to be identical to their sister. ;)

    Good luck with the secret! :)

    • Alla says:

      Oh, it’s such great point about the sisters!!! Thank you so much!! :)
      And you know, I also love it like a long vest.


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