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A visit…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This last weekend we were visited by Igor’s
cousin from Moscow. We’d a BLAST!!!! Victor
was soo impressed by a culture, nature with
all outdoor activities and lots of fun… and our
weather (no kidding!! Seattle is still spoiling
us an absolutely AMAZING  warm and sunny
days) and last, but not least.. by great roads,
which is not  typical for some countries ;)

We’ve visited couple beautiful cities near us, Alki beach, Snoqualmie Falls and
some others local parks.


But time flew very fast and we did not notice how these 3 days gone… but not
our memories, sweet moments and LOTS of FUN we got!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         And a funny story is that… when cousin arrived, he asked
my DH to visit a store to buy a dozen of roses, a bottle of
Champagne  and a cake (… a “kind” of Russian tradition to
welcome). Well, I am not a big fun of Champagne but look
what he decided to buy!! CRAZY person!!! LOL

… Now I fill I have to change my mind about Champagne :)

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  1. 1
    Eva says:

    Jesus….what a tradition. I’d change my mind about champagne in an instant…;)Imagine, every sip of that precious liquid would buy you enough yarn for a sweater of this awesome Debbie Bliss silkblend. Why don’t I have have russian realtives? Life’s so cruel…;) I guess I have to stay content with buying a few balls of yarn – bet I wont get Debbie Bliss here in Germany…:(..
    (Maybe that would be a fun tradition to start: each time you visit a knitters home, bring a basket full of her favourite yarn…lol)
    GLG Eva

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    First of all, Eva!!! Thank You so much for your SO COOL reply!! I LOVE your sense of humor!!! :)

    But I must admit, even if I have a Ukrainian/Russian roots that’s a FIRST bottle of Champagne like this and it’s still not opened LOL
    We are waiting for one our friend to come back from vacation to have a fun girl’s party and taste this bottle. If you would like to join us – you are very Welcome!!!

    Hehehe… I Love your idea about a yarn tradition ;) I would definitely LOVE that too! Oh, and if you would like some yarn you found here and they do not ship international, just let me know! I bet, we can find a deal and save some $ not just a shipping costs ;)


  3. 3
    Eva says:

    Oh I’d love to come over, and not just to have a sip of that incredible bottle of champagne but even more so for some wonderful knitting girlie talk. (I love your designs, very inspireing…:)
    If I ever happen to come to Seattle I definately will drop by (and you’d bet there sure will be a large yarnbasket in my hands….don’t know if I can make myself hand it over though…;) But for now I just have to decide if I want to buy a flight to Seattle or 3 bottles of this intriguing champagne…hmmm.. difficult choice…hmmmhmmm ;)

    And for your offer on hard to get yarns, Alla…you’re really sweet. That is an awesome offer. Thank you so much. I think, maybe I can do the same for you since Italy is the yarnmanufacturer of my choice…(Lana Grossa…GGH….Lang…- aren’t they swizz though?)

    So, have one glas of champagne for me, will you? :)
    GLG Eva

  4. 4
    Heather says:

    Alla and Eva,

    I have Russian roots, but did not know about the whole champagne thing; go figure! I really love the idea of bringing a yarn basket! I also don’t know if I would hand it over, but it is a nice thought anyway. Maybe we should have a sort of meet up some day, preferably arranged at least six months in advance so we can save the money to meet, ( and for the basket of favorite yarn!)

    I love the thought of going to Italy and finding one of their yarn shops on the trip. I also have Italian roots, but don’t know their traditions either. I wonder how much the yarns are in the countries that they come from? I get lost in the yarn stores here in the U.S. I cannot imagine how much more difficult it would be to leave one of the yarn stores in another country!!! Hopefully, I will find out! LOL

  5. 5
    Eva says:

    DON’T….don’t try to find out….you will be stuck forever…;) I used to work in a yarnshop in Berlin and all our Amercian customers bought tons and tons of yarn, marvelling at how cheap the European manufactured yarn was compared to the prices in America. (Interestingly though, it’s vice versa with the fabric prices…sigh!)But they lost all their advantage after paying for overweight luggage…;)
    So let’s have a nice little gettogether, bring yarnbaskets for each other and let’s lock in a room where we will only be realeased after knitting up all our yarngifts….kind of Rumpelstiltskin like…LOL

  6. 6
    Alla says:

    Eva, you are always WELCOME!!!

    Heather, I totally agree with Eva and would recommend to buy yarn online ( especially at shops like I’ve feature on the right sidebar) ;)

    But, oh MY girls! You have totally hooked me with “yarn basket” idea and I think we can do it online… just to save on tickets and time :o) It’s can be a kind of contest or something like that, where winner will get a basket of yarn from me… Hmmm, let me think ;) I would LOVE to try something like this!!!

  7. 7
    Людмила Григорова says:

    Привет! Где это вы путишествовали? И чего так далеко и высоко забрались?

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