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New Vision. New Me. New Avatar ;o)

Thanks so much to everyone for voting and advices. I’ll definitely count them in future attempts!
So, the winner is photo #1 … and I bet that is because I forgot to offer an option #3: neither one 🙃
P.S.: Oh, and comment “ А сколько различий нужно найти на этих картинках? 😜 (how many differences we have to find in these pictures)” just made my day 😅

Hi guys!!! It’s not so easy to come back after almost a year away from here, but I miss you and I have tons of news to share!

I bet many of us have had ups and downs in 2020 and spent the year differently from what was planned. I disappeared from social networks, but was more productive than ever with work on new designs, finished a lot of courses and webinars on topics that were always interesting, but I always did not have enough time.. As well, we are totally re-organazed our home, everyday life and some habits.

One of the latest “achievements” – just couple days ago, I made first selfies for the avatar in my mini studio. Of course, I still have to learn how to set-up light and edit portrait photos, but if count that I hate to be pictured, it’s truly was a challenge for me 😎

… And, now there is a dilemma – which photo to choose: 1️⃣ or 2️⃣ ?! Help, please! ;o)

PS: A special Thanks for the background © HAKINMHAN Dreamstime.com! The warm morning water with a lemon, the desire to see such a blue sky in Seattle every morning, the expectation of spring – everything is what making me happy!

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    Ansa De Kock says:


  2. 2
    Judy says:

    I have to say that they both look great and I can’t really see any difference in either one.

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