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My First Live Mimosa in the Last 20 Years!

Seriously, mimosa doesn’t grow in Seattle, but every early spring I have a mimosa-obsession and look for it wherever possible, even tried to grow a tree, but without success. But, I planted chocolate mimosa last year – an absolutely unique plant (I will show you later)

And to my fully amazement, I saw in @svetsvet.io (make sure to check this lovely blog!) stories – a real mimosa on The London Plane cafe street …

Oh my, it’s an almost forgotten smell and pure eye candy!
It’s funny, the same day we got the mimosa it snowed (a kind of local “Armageddon” here ;o)).

I’ll leave here photos of mimosa and a short video with my favorite hummingbirds to show you, and just for memories of February, 13th 2021.

Have a lovely day!! 🥰🥰🥰

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