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When You Out of 1 Skein…

One of thousand reasons why I adore craft community and so blessed to be a part of it! ⠀

Usually I buy more than enough yarn for any project, but I did not expected that Kristin will ask for pretty boxy sweater so I run out of a skein – one… single skein of CoBaSi in natural color 003 from dye lot #17. I did not see any problem and ordered couple skeins from same Little Knits yarn store. But oh my, the skeins from lot #21 looked too different and so pinkish than my original. ⠀ ⠀

I tried to find yarn from the same lot, but no luck. So, I found and ordered yarn from several places: Webs, Ravelry, eBay, Jimmy Beans Wool with a hope that at least one of them will match. Can you the differences? ⠀

And… while waiting my yarn orders, I got a note from Linda Lynn (Abundant Yarn Online, www.abundant-yarn.com), that she has 2 partial leftover skeins from dye lot 17, totaling 65 grams, that she would be happy to send me! YAY! So, I was able to finish Kristin’s sweater right before Christmas! Oh, and Linda refused to charge me for yarn, just shipping costs. ⠀

And, then ladies from LittleKnits.com found two skeins from the same dye lot 17 too! ⠀

Thank you so much dear ladies from me and my Kristin!!! You are the best!!!😍😍😍 ⠀ ⠀

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