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Strawberry Delight Crochet Blanket & Strawberry Pin | Featured Pattern

Have you noticed any regularity in the choice of yarn color for the first spring project? It was always white for me, no matter what project I’m planning. But last time, I noticed that yellow is my new addiction. Lack of vitamin “sun” ?! ☀️🤗 If you are on the same page with me and looking for a fun weekend project, let me introduce…

Strawberry Delight Set
Have you ever longed for those deliciously warm summer days, when nothing seems sweeter than that fresh-picked strawberry that just brought a huge grin to your face? Now you can bring that feeling of sunshine, happy babies, family picnics, pretty flowers, and of course—strawberry-induced joy—to every day with the Strawberry Delight Blanket. Lovingly designed with eye-popping 3D flowers and “garnished” with a beautiful strawberry with leaves pin, this blanket would be perfect for a summer-born baby or just anyone who deserves more sunshine in their life!

IMAGINE THIS: Crochet just first 2-3 pattern repeats for a fun and unusual Scarf. Crochet it with cotton thread to turn it into eye-catching and delicate choker necklace or skinny scarf. Opt for wool or mohair yarn to make a neckwarmer, or even a cowl suitable for colder weather.

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