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The Winner

What a week has stood out! Thank you so much  my dears for participating and your help!! It was really not easy decision to pick up just one name from list of such lovely and neat ideas!!

During the week I tried on each of your proposed ideas and almost all of them fitted perfectly. And just yesterday, I narrowed down to the “Catch the Breeze” and this name works perfectly for both, Turquoise and Lime bags 🤓⠀

🏆 So yes, Marie is the Winner!! My Congratulations Marie! You won $35 and Catch the Breeze pattern for free when it will be released. I’ll contact you shortly.⠀

🥁 Barbara Irving won Catch the Breeze pattern for description suggestion, part of which I may use, as well as Michiyo Harrigan for such cool “The Pretty Blue Going Green Tote” name. I think I’ll use it my feature designs.

🏆 🏆 🏆 And I have a surprise for you. Because everyone is the Winner, all participants won 75% OFF coupon to my Etsy and Ravelry stores. NO limits of using this coupon. But please NOTE: the offer expires September 29th, 2019 at 11:59 PST. I’ll email your coupon code shortly!

My Congratulations dear ladies!!  Thank you so much again!! You are the BEST!!

2 Responses to The Winner

  1. 1
    greatminds on Rav says:

    WOW, thanks for the code Alla! So generous of you! xo

    Congrats Marie, Barbara and Michiyo!

  2. 2
    Barbara says:

    So honored! Congrats as well to the winners. We are all winners because of the amazing tutorage that we get from your God given talent. Thank you Alla for your inspiration.

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