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Color Inspiration | Teal

A day of knowledge and surprises🤓

First, I was surprised that I could not translate the name of the color “teal” to Russian. Google surprised me even more by translating teal as “чирок”(a small duck 🦆)

It was interesting and I found plenty kinds of teal ducks, but my favorite is Ringed teal (Кольчатый чирок). What a beauty and color inspiration!! Don’t you think so?! ;o)

Photo credit: Svitlana Tkach.

Another translation of teal is сине-зелёный (bluish-green) which I also associate with peacock, turquoise and aqua. But oh my, see all the shades by Pantone. Not to mention a “pink peacock” shade 😜

My absolute favorites are shades number ##01, 09, 15:

❓Which are yours?! And if you speak in 🇷🇺 how would you translate them to Russian?


Happy Monday everyone!😍


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