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Free Charts | Orchid Motif

FC Single Orchid Motif

Orchid Motif Joining

After seeing a dozen unfinished patterns this morning, I noticed that all stitch diagrams have been drawn long time ago, but practically all patterns are still without written instructions… 

And I thought, what if add to my patterns a kind of patterns with stitch diagram and short explaining if needed only?! I know, it is not a typical pattern style here, and sure written instruction will be finished as soon as possible. Everything is still in development, but I did a little sample for you as I see it and offer you the Orchid Motif pattern.

Let’s vote! Please, put in the comments:

1 – if the stich diagrams are enough for you

2 – if you prefer the written instructions or both.


Thank you so much and enjoy!

One Response to Free Charts | Orchid Motif

  1. 1
    Judyorrego says:

    I prefer diagrams but is always good to have both ☝️

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