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$2.14 Friday Deals | Fluffy Clouds Blanket + New Version

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Hi my dears!

Friday the 13th is still better than Monday the whatever. Do you think so?! ;o)

Oh my, where to start…

Well, I received a tons of emails with request to make Fluffy Clouds Blanket in any custom size (up to fit king size bed) and not only in square shape. I was so happy to schedule a whole week and I designed, make it and even take the photos of new version of Fluffy Cloud Blanket called Cherry Blossom! Not to mention that I also planed to finish the pattern this week and release it right for my $2.14 Deals. And math worked perfectly for my sample rectangular blanket. BUT I still dealing with drawing border stitch diagram… I can’t believe that math doesn’t work on the corners (I still have an extra stitch on each of 2 corners), but I will definitely nailed it.

So, Friday Deals today is Fluffy Clouds Blanket, which is available for only $2.14 in my Ravelry shop.⠀
This offer runs through April 15th, 2018 at 11:59 pm PST time.


If you are new here, and curious what I am talking about, below are some details:
I noticed that most of my patterns usually sold on Friday. Seems like you are looking for weekend-project near TV with cup of tea/coffee.

So, I decided run $2.14-Every-Friday-Deals, where you can buy particular pattern for only $2.14!
Why $2.14? Because it’s my Birthday date (April, 21th).

Why every Friday? Because I can, and because You are Awesome!

And below is absolutely customizable with double ruffles (sure can be made with one ruffle) Cherry Blossom Blanket:



Talking about customizable I mean that this blanket can be turned into a doily-size too:


Have a lovely weekend!!!


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