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Yes, it’s official…

…. to my surprise, my gardening journey finally started on April, 21th!


Well, I was always in awe with my dearest friend Annya Uslontseva and just adore her whimsical garden but I just can’t imagined gardening by myself. Even if I designed and did all brick works (terraces) and planting on our front yard 12 years ago, and enjoy caring dozen indoor plants, gardening always sounded a lot responsibility and to-much-time-eater to me… But this year something magically changed (do you think is it age?! ;o)). Plus my partner in crime got “that” fever too and started gardening couple weeks ago… So, seems as we got another “collaboration idea” with Lana Maytak we are already hooked and excited about ;o) If you are not familiar with Lana, she’s beyond-talented-photographer behind my Imagical Season books and some other our projects.

I promise, I’ll not boring you with post about our gardening often but I would like to show you some pictures how it’s started and what is progress so far (read in 4 days ;o)

Before (lot’s of gravel and soil with tons of living roots from our 35-40 years old maple tree in the center of backyard):



Our first ”strawberry field”:




Some herbs (and baby lavender) on our deck:




… and sure, some flowers!! I am so happy with Lily of the valley!! They are my most favorite Spring flowers!! And BTW, they make a wonderful groundcover too. I will plant them somewhere in a shade when finish designing our backyard ;o)



P.S.: Looks like I am hooked … and working on Strawberry Delight Blanket pattern and Secret Meadow collection, I feel so extremely happy and enjoy every moment!!!


Happy Tuesday everyone!!

3 Responses to Yes, it’s official…

  1. 1
    Novi says:

    Woww… may be this garden will be an inspirational place? Likr an imagical gardens? :D

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    I would say my Secret Meadow collection was inspiration for garden :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment Novi!!

  3. 3
    Katie says:

    Very nice. Gardening is very addictive. Every year I get spring fever and have to play in the dirt haha. Have fun !

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