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Imagical Seasons | Book Blog Tour begun!!



I am so excited to let you know that my-very-first blog tour for my-very-first two books begun! We worked so hard to prepare this event, and I am very happy to see it started!

Wonder what is a blog tour?

A blog tour is a virtual tour to help an author to promote his book without traveling. It’s the same concept as going to one physical store on Monday and then to second score in different city on Tuesday and then fly to Europe to run third event on Wednesday and so on but instead of physical places, the author is going from blog to blog during the time frame of the tour.

My sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to all wonderful and beyond talented Amy Solovay, Faina Goberstein, Gwen Blakely Kinsler, Kathryn Vercillo, Kara Gunza, Simona Merchant-Dest, Sarah E. White,  MaryJane Hall,  Vendula Maderska and dear Jocelyn Sass for participation in the blog tour!!

Below is the schedule of all the stops along with the dates by each blog. Each blog is hosting GIVEAWAYS and SPECIAL DEALS for Blog Tour Participants:

July 13: Knitting and Crochet – Amy Solovay

July 14: Faina’s Knitting Mode – Faina Goberstein

July 15: Crochet Queen: Royal Ramblings – Gwen Blakely Kinsler

July 16: Crochet Concupiscence – Kathryn Vercillo

July 17: Petals to Picots – Kara Gunza

July 18: Stylish Knits – Simona Merchant-Dest

July 19: Craft Gossip – Sarah E. White

July 20: Positively Crochet – Mary Jane Hall

July 21: Magic with Hook and Needles – Vendula Maderska

July 22: Cute Crochet – Jocelyn Sass


Some people think of “13” as a bad number, but I do believe in opposite as everything “13th” was good for me and I always thought of it as my lucky number, so I hope it will be lucky number for my books too!


A lovely and happy Monday everyone!



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4 Responses to Imagical Seasons | Book Blog Tour begun!!

  1. 1
    Mary Jane Hall says:

    Excited for you Alla! I wish you much success and hope your books will be best sellers!

  2. 2
    Novi says:

    Wowww! Very good idea… especially we live in web era ;) I hope you good luck.

  3. 3
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much dear Mary and Novi!

  4. 4
    Carol D says:

    Oh my! these designs are just so lovely! I had a really, really hard time deciding a favorite….
    But since I must, I’ll choose the Juliette Scarf! When I saw your Royal Blue, I wanted it – like NOW!

    I’m going to have to favorite this and make note..will bookmark for sure. And will have to wait til after the holidays before I can buy something like this for myself.

    The designs are all just so, so pretty! I want to make one of everything!
    I just wish I could hook a bit faster so I could get more things made!

    This blog is awesome….I’m so very happy I found you…
    Thank you for sharing all these lovely designs with us.
    Is that wide belt also in the book? because that’s something I could kind of sneak in between gift makings…
    So inspiring!
    And those little babies were so precious! I just wanted to pick them up and give them hugs…

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