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Imagical Seasons | Introduction



Good morning my dears,

With all these book’s activities and last preparations to my very first book launch, I am still so overwhelmed and just realized that here is only 6 days until pre-orders for Spring and Summer books..  oh my ;o) So I decided to post every day until June, 13th some details about the coming books. Let’s start from introduction:


This was my very first experience in book-writing and a true labor of love. From the very first pages I was simultaneously absorbed and exhilarated by all the ideas that kept coming and demanding to be shared.

This book grew so fast that soon it got too big to be a single volume, so instead it turned into a series of four books, one for each season. Let me introduce you to the “Imagical Seasons” collection.

“Imagical Seasons” is a series of 4 books and 38 whimsical designs that were inspired by nature and the changing seasons. Each volume, be Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, will show you how a little imagination can:

  • Transform simple ruffle pattern into a nearly endless variety of pretty designs (in Spring book).
  • Stitch anything from a blanket to a halter dress using the same square motif with varying yarn weights (in Summer book).
  • Adapt and personalize lace-pattern-based designs to hook your own masterpieces (in Fall book).
  • Create trendy and cozy garments and accessories for those cold winter days, or a delicate coat for holidays and special occasions—based on patterns that apply variations of a simple puff stitch (in Winter book).

“Imagical Seasons” comes with lots of stunning full-page, full-color photographs, very detailed written instructions that are easy to follow, and unique stitch diagrams that speak the international language of crochet. 

All projects in these books are designed to spark your own creativity and will help you create charming hand-made treasures that will grow with your Princess and excite your creative spirit and imagination. 

And here is the best part—garments come in sizes 2 to 12 years, and there are even a couple of themes for grown-ups!

… While “Imagical” is a portmanteau word—a combination of “imagine” and “magical”, it describes perfectly what I wanted to achieve by writing this book series: bringing unique ideas to life through creative crochet designs.







Spring and Summer books are coming July, 2015!

Pre-orders: June, 15th.


A lovely and amazing day everyone!

2 Responses to Imagical Seasons | Introduction

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    Tina says:

    OMG! I can’t wait to pre-order these! I have had to take time off from crocheting as the tendonitis in my hand has made it painful to crochet, but I am hoping by the time I get these, it will have cleared up some and I can start up again with these wonderful patterns!

    • Alla says:

      Oh, Tina, I am sorry to hear about your tendonitis. My daughter has this horrible problem with both her legs… I know how painful it is and recovery takes long time. Feel better soon!!! (((HUGS)))

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