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Publishing the Books | Copyright page, Printers + More


copyright page4


Copyright page

It’s official. I am now in “Cataloging in Publication” data and proudly put my very first CIP block on Spring book’s copyright page ;o)

Oh, btw, do you see the string of numbers (in reverse order) from one to ten? It was interesting to learn that these numbers have to specify the printing and when you reach the second printing, you simple remove the number “1” from the string, when you reach the third printing, you remove the “2”, etc. This is an artifact from the days before computers, when this information was stripped in by hand to eliminate excessive copy changes, which were expensive. The graphic person at the printer simply sliced out the numbers with a razor blade, and reshot that section of the text.

The only section on copyright page I need to fill in is “Printed in……….”


Printing houses

I requested quotes from lots of printers; so far I have 3 winners. The process is pretty cumbersome – you have to specify something what you don’t know and then receive estimate with definitions you don’t understand… It took couple rounds to resolve all issues and now I can’t wait to get very final estimates included freight costs. This may not be final – this is how I understand the process today…

Speaking about 3 winners – it was really nice and educational experience to work with printing-houses, and here are my absolute favorites:

  1. DeHART’s Media Services
  2. Bookmasters
  3. Edwards Brothers Malloy

I’ll post more details when I get the winner ;o)


QR codes

I fall in love with 2D visual codes by Visualead, and just can’t resist to play with my own. You can generate 3 codes for free, but with ads displayed. You have to pay $12.45/month +/-  to own these stunning 2D codes… Well, I was able to assure myself that it’s not reasonable for my needs… even if that was really hard decision… ;o)



BTW, do you know that InDesign can generate QR codes? Simply go to Object > Generate QR code.



And last news for today—my book’s pricing for U.S.A and Canada. Canada, you do NOT have to pay more! You’re welcome.


A Wonderful and lovely day everyone!

7 Responses to Publishing the Books | Copyright page, Printers + More

  1. 1
    Mary from Australia says:

    Congratulations, Alla. Looks like it is a big learning curve !

  2. 2
    Ayesha says:

    Yayyy!!!! how exciting ^_^ can hardly wait…

  3. 3
    Swapnil Jain says:

    Hi Alla. Congratulations and all the best for your future work. Nice work with the QR Code. I wanted to mention Scanova (http://scanova.io) here using which you can create 3 codes for free without any ads or restrictions on scans.
    P.S I work for Scanova

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