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Seattle Cup 2014 | First Rhythmic Gymnastic Competition



Another competition season in rhythmic gymnastic is here and first one we participated was Seattle Cup 2014.

Unfortunately Kristin got some heel issue at school couple days before competition, but she did the best she can, and I’m so proud of my baby! ;o)




Oh, and this is a first year of ribbon routines! Kristin was pretty upset that did couple mistakes, but oh my, ribbon routines are one of my all times favorites, and I even didn’t noticed that mistakes ;0)

Below are Ribbon and Hoop routines videos. And here are links to Floor and Ball routines.


P.S.: Some updates from latest competition. Kristin won 1th place of hoop routine, and NO ball & ribbons mistakes this time! YAY, Good job, Kristin!!
Routines: Hoop, Floor, Ball, Ribbon.

5 Responses to Seattle Cup 2014 | First Rhythmic Gymnastic Competition

  1. 1
    Mary from Australia says:

    How pretty she is! Love her costumes! No wonder you are so proud of her!

  2. 2
    judy orrego says:

    Wow , I think she did a pretty awesome routine. And the dresses are beautiful

  3. 3
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much dear!!

    I always was in love with rhythmic gymnastic and skating, and I think it’s really the best and most pretty sport for girls! I am so glad that my Kristin in and truly enjoy the rhythmic gymnastic ;o)

    For the costumes/leotards… oh yes!! We were so excited to order some custom one of a kind leotards by amazing Elvira
    She’s simply the BEST and such a DOLL to deal with!! <3

  4. 4
    Альбина says:

    Какая молодчина Кристин, обожаю худ. гимнастику, всегда смотрю твои ролики… у нас в садике тоже начали преподавать деткам. А Кристинке желаю добиться больших результатов!!!

  5. 5
    Helene says:

    Such a clever girl and wonderful routines. Very pretty girl and beautiful costumes. She is young and I am sure she will go far in these sports as she gets older. Thank you for sharing with us.

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