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Thursday’s Moments | Pixie & a Fly

Diptych 2


Do you still remember this my “Thursday’s Moments” category? ;o)

I’ve played with my new baby yesterday and must admit that this lens is not only just amazing for sport video/photos (rhythmic gymnastic for our part), nature and portraiture, but also a “solution” and ability to take the pictures of our little chihuahua dog. Our Pixie hates to be pictured (…as well as I do lol), but at 200mm it works just perfect. Not to mention that I was able to see what grabbed Pixie’s attention just after uploaded the photograph. So, we’ve got a story in the image, which is about a dog and a fly ;)


A Lovely and Wonderful Thursday everyone!!

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    judy orrego says:

    Great pictures Alla, have a really nice day!

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    Vera says:


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