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Cyber Monday. Mark Your Calendar

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I’ve received several emails that my RSS subscribers got Black Friday deal notification too late. To be honest, I was “surprised” about such delay and looks as only mailing list subscribers got it timely. Here is definitely something wrong, but we can easily fix it ;o)

So, I’ve decided to offer you same 85% off discount of your entire purchase on Cyber Monday. And I hope here is plenty of time for RSS service to deliver the message timely.


Don’t miss it! The coupon will run Monday November, 26th at 0:01 am PST and is applicable to my Shop and Etsy stores. The offer expires November 26th, 2012 at 11:59 pm PST.


P.S.: If you will have any questions or issues with applying coupons – please just let me know.


Have a Wonderful weekend and looking forward to see you on Monday!


Alla Koval Designs

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