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EAP – New Business Model from Alla Koval Designs!

EAP stands for “Early Access Program” and servers a purpose to make all my future patterns available as soon as it is possible.

Every patterns goes through number of phases: design, modeling, creating charts, writing instructions, testing, technical editing, corrections and, finally, release. Each pattern happens to be different and it is hard to predict how long will take each step. I have dual wish every time: release my work as soon as possible and release my work as best as possible, most of the time it results in delayed releases and I think I found a way to deal with it and I want to try it out: Early Access Program (EAP).

There will be an area on my site where you may see one or two patterns in “fresh baked” state. “Fresh baked” means that pattern is real but I still do not count it as finished. It will come with chart, written instructions and pictures, etc. And, sure, tested. The “final-final” pattern will include technical editing, may have more professional pictures, may even have newer title or description – all that stuff what makes me fill that pattern is ready.


And patterns will show up in that EAP area not only earlier but with lower price (15% off of regular price). I’ll point out what area(s) I will try to improve precisely and it will be up to you – to buy it now or wait for official release. Any way I will send updated version to everyone who participated in EAP deal.


So what you’ll get from this program:

  • You’ll get pattern as soon as it exists
  • Pattern will be 15% less of regular price until release time
  • You always will get released version of pattern too with no additional charge at the same day when pattern will be officially released


EAP Pattern will include:

  • All Charts and diagrams
  • Written instructions
  • Details pictures
  • List of materials
  • … Actually all what you used to see in any my patterns


Because of technical limitations, I can run this Early Access Program only on my site and on the Etsy.

These patterns will be listed as usual with “EAP” stamp on picture and additional short explanation in the description area with link to the page with all details about EAP.

Final pattern will be listed as usual and “EAP” version will disappear from the stores and EAP Patterns page.


Come back tomorrow, September, 30th to see my first EAP eBook (sneak peek below ;) and please let me know what do you think about this program! 



Alla Koval Designs

2 Responses to EAP – New Business Model from Alla Koval Designs!

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    Molly says:

    I am always so impressed w/ your professionalism and business savy. This is another wonderful example where you take your desire to please your customers by improving on an already amazing business offering. You are such a talented artist but to have such business savy makes me admire you even more. I enjoy watching your business grow and expand and am inspired to start my own one day. Congratulations on all your success!


    • Alla says:

      Oh, Thank you so much dear Molly!! It’s my absolute pleasure!! To find and offer something new and enjoy everything I do – could I ask for more? Oh and you definitely should start your own business as soon as possible FOR SURE!! May I recommend you this book: http://crushitbook.com/
      just like a really great example ;)

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