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Market Yourself

Market Yourself: A Marketing System for Smart and Creative Business Owners is more than just a book about marketing — it’s a book about YOU. Your strengths, your weaknesses, what makes your product unique and good and worthy of an audience. In its 150+ pages, you’ll find more than 30 hands-on worksheets designed to take your business forward, fast!


Advance praise for Market Yourself:

[quote author=”- Diane Gilleland”] Do you love to make things, but hate the idea of marketing them? Take a deep breath, make some tea and spend some time with Tara’s book. She’s a gentle, encouraging guide through the landscape of promotion. You’ll build yourself a marketing plan that’s both comfortable and doable. [/quote]

[quote author=”- Kerry Burki”] Market Yourself takes your passion for making to the next level by teaching you step by step how to get your product into your buyer’s hands. Tara encourages and inspires but ultimately challenges you to create the growth you are looking for in your business. You will be amazed and intrigued by what you begin to learn about yourself as well as your brand. [/quote]

[quote author=”- Shannon Okey”] I really believe that this book is a logical successor to the Guide and one that will definitely help you rethink what you’re doing as a creative business person. Tara is from the yarn/craft world, so she really gets it! [/quote]


Sounds pretty interesting. Just got my copy in PDF, which is shipping already. If you would prefer the print edition + PDF instead, those will start shipping in another week or two.

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3 Responses to Market Yourself

  1. 1
    judy orrego says:

    Oh WOW. Sounds really interesting, my family always said that I should start selling my handmade stuff but I really hate when I have to choose a price for it. Thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. 2
    Bindhurani says:

    Hope, you will learn a lot of things to market yourself. Thanks for sharing the information. I do crochet and make jewelry. Saw your pictures.

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