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The Top Directory of Craft Blogs on the Web

Yesterday I’ve got a sweet notification that my site has been selected for www.craftblogs.org and listed in the top directory of craft blogs on the web. Yay!! :о)

Craft Blogs

From the Craftblogs site:

Crafting can be one of the most relaxing and productive hobbies that an individual can undertake. We at CraftBlogs.org strive to celebrate those artists who enjoy crafting. We have compiled a list of what we feel are the best crafting blogs on the Internet and we encourage our readers to both enjoy and learn from these creative individuals…

If you like my site and already in readership or just joined, please vote for me HERE (or click on image below) by hitting BOOST button. Every boost and comment count and will increase the chance of having my blog rank higher in www.craftblogs.org. and the higher my listing on the directory. Thank you so much!!

Craft Blogs MyLCG


A Wonderful and Lovely weekend to everyone!!!

P.S.: As probably you know, my daughter started take rhythmic gymnastics classes about 7 months ago. Not only she was completely hooked, but also got a really great progress for this period. And tomorrow is Kristin’s first public performance in Seattle. Can you believe we are so excited!! ;o)

2 Responses to The Top Directory of Craft Blogs on the Web

  1. 1

    Congratulations Alla! What an accomplishment. :D I will make sure to go vote…

    Have fun at Kristin’s gymnastics performance; I know she will do well! ;) You have a great weekend also! :)

  2. 2
    May says:

    Good job Alla! You finally did it.. I definitely vote for this piece of excellence. Keep up the good work and goog luck with you future desire! Have fun…

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