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The Winners

First of all, I would love to Thank you so much everyone for participating and your help!! It was a pleasure working with You and read all your such lovely and net ideas! A further venture like this will be gladly welcomed!!


And now for the gift card Winners! Yes, you are reading right… the Winners since it was pretty hard to pick up just one description. SO… the Winners of Visa Gift Card of $25 value (and Jardin Hip Shawl pattern for free too) are Tin Ambat with entries:

Evoking a garden in bloom, this 2-in-1 poncho and skirt features delicate lace motifs and a contrasting lattice panel insert. Organza flower appliques add further interest to this enchanting piece.

This 2-in-1 poncho and skirt will appeal to flower children of all ages. Repeating lace motifs are highlighted by a simple yet elegant filet panel insert, while floral organza appliques and a tasseled belt add the perfect finishing touch.

… and Mary from Australia with entry:

I think it could also be referred to as a “Hip Shawl!”.This “Hip Shawl” uses some crochet stitches which could also be used on other projects.The contrasting colours make the stitches stand out, and the organza applique on the insert give it a very girlie touch. It could also be a great addition to a travel wardrobe as it creates great versatility. Any girl would be thrilled to dress up in it whether it was around her shoulders or around her waist!

My Congratulation dear Ladies and Thank you so much for such brilliant ideas!! I’m so in love with “Hip Shawl’ and such outstanding descriptions!! I agree with Heather – I couldn’t get much better than that if I tried for sure! And not only because of my poor English ;o)

A pattern Winners… I would love to nominate every participant, because here is everyone winner!! And even if will not use all your amazing ideas for this Hip Shawl, I may use some of them in a future. SO… the Winners of Jardin Hip Shawl pattern are: Anita Atcheson, Heloisa, Jenifenia Frez, Molly, Melinda Pagan, Christina, Callie, Lana and Gen!!

My Congratulations dear Ladies!! Your pattern will be emailed in PDF format right after pattern release!

Happy Monday everyone and see you pretty soon! I have something new to show you today ;o)

7 Responses to The Winners

  1. 1
    Tin Ambat says:

    Thank you so much Alla! Writing the entries was a pleasure, and actually winning is an honor :)

    Congratulations to Mary and my fellow entrants as well! We’re all winners ladies, browsing Alla’s designs is a rewarding experience in itself :)

    Regards from the Philippines,


  2. 2
    Mary from Australia says:

    How EXCITING, Alla! this is the first time I have made a comment on anyone’s blog! So glad you liked the description.It was great reading all the other comments and ideas. There are a lot of very talented women out there!We are just coming out of a very cold winter where I live and this pattern reminds me of lovely spring which can’t be far away. Love your new idea of the scarf with a zip!
    Mary from Australia.

  3. 3

    Great descriptions…Congratulations to all! ;)

  4. 4
    jenifenia frez says:

    thaks Thank you very friendly,i never thought that would be the fortunate,even if you don’t create it cost me many years to learn how crochet but i got,with a lot of joy,this pattern will serve me for a Christmas gift for my niece.thanksyou,

  5. 5
    Melinda Pagan says:

    I am so THANKFUL Alla!! that you picked me for a Pattern winner.. All of your patterns are so vivid with color and are very beautiful any girl would love to have and wear.. I have a 8 yr. old daughter,8 yr. old niece,5yr.old granddaughter, and 5 yr. old niece that will really LOVE having and wearing this Poncho… Again Thank you Alla..

  6. 6
    Melinda Pagan says:

    Dear Alla I have not yet recieved pattern for the “Hip Shawl”.. Again thank you for choosing us all.

  7. 7
    Melinda Pagan says:

    So sorry I did get it..open wrong address mail, again thank you and will post picture of first “Hip Shawl” when finished..My girl will just “LOVE IT”!!!!!!!

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