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Maifest. Spring Festival

What a LOVELY Saturday!!

Maifest3 Maifest4

Not to mention it was pretty warm and sunny here today (well, at least a half of the day ;o), but last minute we with our friends decided to visit the annual Maifest in Leavenworth and so glad that did it! ;o)

What a pretty place and we’ve spent such amazing time! … walking

Maifest15 Maifest16
Maifest18 Maifest19
Maifest13 Maifest14

… enjoyed German kitchen in our favorite restaurant

Maifest22 Maifest20

… and then – wow, even if we visited this Bavarian Village couple times before, I had no idea about this beautiful park with such great trail – so bad rain started in 10 minutes later we came to park, uhh.


Maifest7 Maifest10 Maifest9

Today is Sunday and here is rainy again … well, not a bad weather to clean house, have a little shopping and enjoy hot yoga class late today ;o)

I hope you are enjoying  your weekend!

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    What beautiful scenerey! It looks like you had a fun time, I would love to visit there…I know I would enjoy all of the culture! :D

  2. 2
    judy orrego says:

    what a beautiful place! Looks like a paradise to me. Happy Sunday Alla! <3<3

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