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New Face

I’m so glad we’ve finally found a time to make the “plastic surgery” and some great upgrades to my site and I just wonder it took us only about 5 hours yesterday + I’ve spent several hours before to customize the new theme (see the look of old one below).


Well, if talking about progress, so far we’ve done:

    • upgraded PHP 4 to 5; MySQL 4.1 to 5 and WordPress 2.2 to 3.1;
    • new face & new header, designed by amazing and so talented Annya of AUA Design (if you are looking for graphic designer, I would heartily recommend Annya! She’s so talented and so amazing to deal with!!)
    • new plugins, like FBLikeButoon, Facebook Share, TweetMeme, SexyBookmarks and some other … I never feel such social :0)

What I am missing so far:

  • gallery;
  • free patterns download;  fixed
  • Google analytics; upgraded
  • life traffic feeds. added

Please be patience with these things – I’ll do my best to fix it as soon as possible (hopefully today)

Plus another thing to do: move it to better hardware to improve speed. moved

Anyways, I am feel happy with all these upgrades, even if here are still lots of work to polish the site …if you find anything broken or have some suggestions, please let me know. Any Your opinions is much much appreciated!! Thank you!

2 Responses to New Face

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    Ruth Tilley says:

    I love your new yellow double brimmed hat…I think it should be called Double Summer Fun! I hope I posted this in the correct place…I didn’t see any other spot.

    • Alla says:

      Dear Ruth,

      Thank you so much for your comment and name idea – I love it!!

      I’m sorry that you got confused with where to post comment. This site is still under construction and so far, to write comment on post you would like, please click right under the title on the right)

      Thank you so much again. I’ve just moved your post to right place.

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