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Thursday’s Moments. 1.Tea Time

… One of my goals for this year is to study a photography a bit, finally!  No,
I  do not  plan  to change  my business  :o)  or  even consider myself as
photographer, but learn to take not such bad pictures sounds like a plan.
I wish I would have time to visit all my favorite photographing blogs and
read all great favorite books and articles, but I feel practice is also not a
last thing too LOL.  And it’s how this new  Thursday’s Moments Category
was born. Here every Thursdays time to time I’ll  share pictures with some facts and
moments  from my life or my favorite things, with  a  little description  as
well…  So, lets go!
TEA TIME. I always was totally crazy on coffee, but last year noticed that
much prefer tea and one of  my  favorite now flowering teas.  Pictured is
Butterfly Floret (green tea with fresh Jasmine) by Primula Tea. Another
my absolutely  favorite  place to  buy tea is Upton Tea Imports – such a
variety of  teas and amazing custom  service. And I just love Teavana’s
Perfect TeaMarker. What a net idea.

What is your favorite drink? And places to buy? If you would like to share
– You are Very Welcome!!

Oh, and please feel free to comment on pictures – I always so appreciate
any comments, critique,  tips. So  many  things  to study, but  looks  as I
hooked ;o)

To be continued…

8 Responses to Thursday’s Moments. 1.Tea Time

  1. 1
    AUA says:

    Looks great! I think I will go and make myself another cup :)

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    hehe, I’m just back my :)

  3. 3
    Genia says:

    Great idea and photo! I will wait your Thursdays pictures:-)
    If you need any consultations regarding photography or photoshop just call or e-mail me:-)

  4. 4
    Ayesha says:

    pretty picture,

    I used to photograph sceneries too but don’t anymore its quite fun! :)
    Im hooked on both coffee… tht too the 3 in 1 (high calories stuff eeek) & plain milk tea.
    take care

  5. 5
    Amanda says:

    Oh I love flowering tea, and that it looks so pretty too is a definite plus!
    Your picture turned out very nice. It is so hard to take a good picture of something in the water without it becoming distorted. You did a great job :o)

  6. 6
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much everyone!

    Amanda, you must see Alex and Genia work: http://www.koloskov.com/food/ I’m so lucky that we met about year or so! ;)

    Genia, thanks for offering help! I would love to have your retouching skills… sniff… sniff :) BTW, I think I already have a quick question about one picture LOL! I’ll email you in a few. Thanks Sweets!

    A Wonderful weekend to everyone!!

  7. 7
    Sarah Jones says:

    That looks delicious!!

  8. 8
    Beata says:

    Great photo! Yummy tea!
    Excellent :)

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