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Hat Gauge. How to measure

I’ve got an email that to met gauge for Garden party hook was changed to
smaller size, but hat was a huge anyway.  I was wonder,  because usually I
crochet too tight.  But  then  I found  that gauge measured  NOT correctly.
PLEASE pay attention that if pattern says first 3 rounds = 4” in diameter
(between points A and B) that means that it’s actually 6 rounds (points C-D).
So, actually 3 rounds in diameter = 6 rows = 4″

Gauge copy
Also, please make sure that you are using yarn of similar yardage if you
would like to get the same hat measurements. On the other side, if you
crochet loose/tighter, just use any thinner/thicker yarn or smaller/bigger
crochet hook to obtain gauge.
GardenPartyPoppy1 copy GardenPartyTitle copy
I’ve just add this diagram to pattern. An updated version of Garden Party
hat can be downloaded here.

Happy crocheting!!

P.S.: I’m sorry for the delay with flower pins pattern. I hopefully finish the
pattern today and will release it right after tech editing.

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    Gale says:

    Love the hat. When are you going to publish the flower pins for them?

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