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If you are looking for some stylish and trendy eyewear, you never will 
be wrong with Scandinavian eyewear Skaga.
SkagaEyewear copy
We have  visited today their trunk show in our  local Paris Miki Optical 
and I just can’t wait to get my new glasses  matches to my new haircut
and color (read “new look” ;o) just perfectly.  Awesome choice,  service
and reasonable prices. My new favorites for sure!!

A Lovely weekend to everyone!

6 Responses to Skaga

  1. 1
    Sandra says:

    Hope to see a photo of “Alla’s New look” soon …

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    hehehe… I’ll keep you updated, Sandra ;) Oh my, but I have to wait two weeks (at least) to get my custom glasses… but I’m so glad to get them before my B-day ;)

  3. 3
    Cara says:

    Hello Alla! The pattern was easy to follow but the hat is kinda floppy. Do you block it in some way to keep the head properly shaped and brim stiff?



  4. 4
    Sharon Christensen says:

    This pattern is very cute but has been a little confusing for me. Thankfully I have been reading these posts. Rows 1 thru 15 have written instructions but cannot understand why row 16 was provided as a diagram only. I started the brim not realizing that there was another row that was needed. I have not seen a pattern done this way before. Is there any way that I could get written instructions for that row? I would really like to use this hat pattern.

  5. 5
    Sharon Christensen says:

    I am sorry I was on the blog for the Garden Party Hat which is a very cute hat. Thank you so much for providing this pattern for free. Looking at the chart row 16 shows 10 dc then a FPdc a chain then 7 dc a FPdc then 6dc. Rows 9 thru 15 have 7dc between FPdc’s Is it correct that there are increases and decreases in this row or am I missing something? Thank you for your assistance.

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