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It’s official – summer break started

Even if date was changed to 17th, the summer break is started and from
this morning Kristin is a 2nd grader!! :)

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    Sarah says:

    Yay!! Movin’ on up ;) You’re doing well Kristin! I love your calendar writing. Especially all the exclamations… cute! I bet you are excited to be out of school and that you get to enjoy your summer vacation.

  2. 2

    Ahhhh, summer vacation! How awesome…congratulations Kristin on becoming a second grader! Second grade was one of my favorite years of school; I am sure you will have a great time! Meanwhile, enjoy your summer break from school, and have fun with your mom! ;)

    Heather Macias

  3. 3
    Inma says:

    Our last day of school is tomorrow. My big one will be in 1º grade. I can´t even believe it….. The are growning so fast…

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