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we are back

… full of energy, memories and happiness!! We’ve had 6 flights, which took
about 29 hours of our life LOL, but we’ve extremely happy to see our dear
parents, friends and visit some our favorite places.
b_day copy
In Poltava with my parents and sister we celebrated my Birthday and then
had a fun barbecue-party. My mom with Kristin also enjoined a fishing time.
We had a Blast!!
poltava copy
In Kharkov we had an absolute pleasure to met our friends, visited Circus,
had some barbecue parties, shopping and lots of chatting and meetings!!
What a FUN!!
kharkov copy
antoshka copy
circus copy
And last 3 days of our vacation we spent in Amsterdam. We arrived right
on national Day of Queen and had a fun to watch people, celebrating this
event ;) We so enjoined Amsterdam and visited Van Gogh, Madame
Tussauds, Nemo museums and some other famous places…
amsterdam copy
Now we are at home and I must admit that miss You and my work a lot!
I have a new pattern and some new designs to show. I just need some
time to set up listings. But first, I still need to get back to Seattle time zone
(with Europe it is 8 hours difference), respond to that hundreds emails I’ve
got during my vacation time, crochet a coat, write a pattern and send it
until May, 15 to publisher and many other things I’ve already scheduled
and can’t wait to try!

9 Responses to we are back

  1. 1
    Irina HoleyFiber says:

    Alla, welcome back! Looks like your trip was complete success!

  2. 2
    Inma says:

    Welcome back, Alla! Sounds like you had a great trip and you are ready to get back to work. Can´t wait to see what you have coming!

  3. 3
    admin says:

    Thank you so much Ladies!!!! Yeh, we are definitely had a BLAST, but must admit that we were SO GLAD to back to home after almost 3 weeks of traveling :)

  4. 4

    Welcome back Alla! So glad to see you had a great time. I am a little jealous, I would love to travel more than I do. Can’t wait to see what you have going on. I knew that you wouldn’t be able to travel and not think about creating! LOL Talk to you soon…


  5. 5

    Alla, what day is your birthday on, the 21st? My son, Jose Andres is on the 20th.

  6. 6
    Tina says:

    Welcome back Alla! Can’t wait to see your new stuff! I need some inspiration! :)


  7. 7
    Alla says:

    Thanks a lot Heather and Tina!!
    … I bet you will laugh, but I did nothing new even if had lots of time during our long traveling LOL But, Heather you are right, I can’t wait to try some ideas and yarn I bought in Ukraine ;)

    Yep, my B-day date is April, 21th and my sister’s is April, 7 :) So we have 2 years and exactly 2 weeks a difference (she’s younger).

  8. 8
    Sarah says:

    Glad to have you back Alla! I was going into withdraw not being able to talk to you! Ha Ha!! It seems like you guys had a very enjoyable vacation. Thanks for sharing the pictures! They are all so wonderful :) Almost like we visited it with you ;)

    Sounds like you have a busy schedule ahead of you. I am looking forward to seeing the new designs. Your creative mind never goes on vacation… you’re amazing! I wish I had an ounce of that talent!

    As with Heather, I wish I could also travel more. We are hoping to visit my sister in Hawaii next year. But it is going to take being strict with our budget!! lol!!

  9. 9
    люда says:

    Привет! А я тебя в однокласниках искала. Как добрались? когда созвонимся по скайпу?

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