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Rattlesnake Lake Hiking

… I finally uploaded the pictures of one our last activity – the four miles
round Rattlesnake Ridge trail, pretty moderate with elevation gain of
1,175 feet, but some amazing views and memories.

It takes about two hours to complete and my friends and I (my DH
and Kristin waited us on the ground) so enjoined it!

rattlesnake_hike11rattlesnake_hike12 Here are some pics, but not mine, because
I truly can’t explain why, but I HATE to be
pictured and DO NOT  allow it to anyone…
Silly me, I know, but can’t help myself! LOL
…  Oh my, and just look at our brave Julie,
I LOVE this shot so much (click to enlarge):

And here are some more:
rattlesnake_hike6 rattlesnake_hike7
… yeh, I was spotted here LOL:

rattlesnake_hike4 … and here are my super comfty "hiking shoes" ;) 
I think I shocked all hikers at that day – I never had
such number of "wonders" for my shoes!!! LOL
No kidding… As a person who was born in heels
shoes, I really can’t imagine myself without them 
and must admit that Jacielynn Guess wedges are
SUPER comfortable for walking and I found that they
are just perfect for some hiking too ;)

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