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Ravelry, oh ravelry…

RavelryLogo I’ve promised an explanation of my absence… and I promise I will back to my normal schedule and still blog, but OMG, my online time is definitely being sucked by Ravelry right now. Have you been there? Do you have your invite? Go, run, sign up for an invite and then go about your life and have patience. Many, many people are waiting for invites, but rest assured, ravelry is well worth the wait. It is a truly amazing knitting and crocheting community! I LOVE ravelry! I’ve met so many nice and talented people on there in the various groups. Can you believe, I’m a member of 28 raverly’s groups and truly enjoy it! ;)

RavelryWeb This is the place where you can have a notebook with all of your projects – WIPS & FOs, with photos (from flickr) and details (yarn, pattern, pattern modifications). A place where you can have all of your stash yarn listed with photos and details (yes, details of fiber, manufacturer, yardage, weight, how many skeins you have). Oh and one of my favorite things about ravelry… searching! You can search to see what other ravelry members have made with a certain yarn OR you can search to see what yarns others have used to made a certain pattern. Here’s an awesome sneak peek that explains it all better than I could and a link to Unraveled, the ravelry blog, if you want to read even more.

Oh, and on the other note… I’ve done some patterns for my halters tops, which are testing now and will available for sale pretty soon!

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