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My New Baby ;)



I’m so excited to call this such cute baby ~mine, and just can’t wait to hug her in person!! Made by BEYOUND TALENTED Ada Gurevich, my most LOVELY and FAVORITE online friend (in case, here is her Etsy shop).

….I’m just dying to meet Ada in person in some of days!

Oh, and here is another cutie of her, which is in my book already ;o)

Aduschka, you are AMAZING!!! I just ADORE YOU!!

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2 Responses to My New Baby ;)

  1. 1
    Ada Gurevich says:

    Dear Alla!!! Thank you spoil much! We’ll meet in person I feel it! Adore you as well ♥♥♥♥

  2. 2
    Ada Gurevich says:

    Spoil me :-) :-) :-) so much

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