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Over a Cup. “Rules” for Living & Writing

Mark David Gerson - Now Clock

[quote author=”- Mark David Gerson”]It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being human.[/quote]

Rules for Living:

Rule #1 There are no rules: There is no right way. There is no wrong way. There is only your way.
Rule #2 What works today may not work tomorrow, so you might as well live in the present moment.
Rule #3 Listen to your heart and trust it; it speaks with the voice of God (or whatever you call that divine intelligence we all carry).
Rule #4 Be vulnerable: Share your pain and your passion. That’s what makes you human.
Rule #5 Treat yourself as you would your child or best friend: with love, compassion and respect.
Rule #6 It’s not what you do, it’s how you live (and love).
Rule #7 It’s not how often you meditate, it’s whether you live your life as a meditation.
Rule #8 It’s not what you shed, it’s what you embrace.
Rule #9 It’s not how hard you push, it’s how fully you surrender.
Rule #10 Find your passion and embrace it. Passionately.
Rule #11 It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being human.
Rule #12 Empower yourself: This is your life. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to live it (or not live it).
Rule #13 There are no rules. None. Never.


To read “rules” for writing, click here. You’ll find a more detailed version in The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write.

Such lovely and easy to follow rules ;o) Thank you for sharing Mark David Gerson! And I just love Mark David’s “Now Clock” (see photo above)!


Happy Friday everyone!! Have a lovely and wonderful weekend!!

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Over a Cup. Motivation


I wish we always remember this ;o) Our hot yoga is re-stated after almost one month break. Not to mention that today we found that our most favorite teacher moved to our current studio!


P.S.: Just noticed that this quote got 381 likes and was repined 1760 times – truly good reminder. 
… See you tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to find out who’s the winner of our contest. Are you ready? ;o)

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Over a Cup. New category added!

I bet everyone enjoys a quick cup of coffee or tea—it sharpens the mind, brightens the day, and leaves you refreshed and ready to get back to work! Let me share the interesting snippets and tidbits I come across while having my daily cup.

BTW, which is your favorite drink—coffee or tea? I enjoy both, but in a morning my favorite drink is definitely coffee for some reasons:




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Happy Friday everyone!! Have a nice long weekend!! I’ll share with you something new next week, stay tuned ;o)

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