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We are so ready and just can’t wait for our escape to Waikiki, Oahu this afternoon. Will be back on Sunday, October, 14th.


I’ll put on vacation mode Etsy shop, but my patterns are still available for immediately download in my Shop and some other online stores (click logos below):

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See you soon!!

Alla Koval Designs

Countdown started!


We just booked our vacation to somewhere in paradise!!

Only 13 days left… desperately trying bring myself back into a working mood – no luck so far ;o)

But if seriously, I should receive back edited Rapunzel collection just in a few and will release it immediately. And will do my best to make Dryad vest available too.

My Gymnastic Girl



What a long, but such exciting and lovely day we spent at rhythmic gymnastics Individual and Group competition our daughter participated! We enjoyed such beautiful and outstanding performances, incredibly talented and beautiful participants and atmosphere. Such memories!

Our daughter got 1st place overall in her age and level! We are really happy that Kristin enjoins gymnastic and feel so proud for our girl! Each level has different rules and number or routines to show. Kristin competed in Level 4 and had 3 routines: floor, ball and rope. She got 1st place in both ball and rope routines, 3rd place in floor routine and 1st place overall!!

Kristin’s floor routine:

Here is also Ball and Rope routines, but unfortunately about the same horrible quality (as well as the pictures). We definitely need to work on this part and probably use something different that just iPhone’s camera ;o)



Happy Sunday everyone!!

We did it! :o)

Believe you or not, but this morning my DH and I had yoga for 32th day in a row (had to miss 2 days due the class schedule). Not that only we are still alive, but feel pretty good and proud that realized one of our challenges from enough long list ;o)

Visit History

I do not think our goal is to be such flexible like this guy LOL or even to be able to do things like our daughter shows and amazes us every time. But we are planning to make hot yoga our every morning exercise at least.

And below are some pictures of Kristin an her rhythmic gymnastic class I just can’t resist to share ;o)





All girls are just amazing, isn’t! I’m so happy that Kristin is enjoining the gymnastic and we feel so proud for our girl!!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to all of the men who have blessed a child’s life with unconditional love and adoration!


Our dear Dads, we LOVE you so much!! You are the Best!!
Alla and Kristin

Fall City, WA. Wallaby Ranch

We still don’t have even Spring here… but can you believe we are so ready for outdoor activities?! ;o) So we spend most our weekends for traveling and visiting some fun places. This weekend we with our friends are really enjoined Wallaby Ranch located in Fall City, WA.

Wallaby Ranch5 Wallaby Ranch9
Wallaby Ranch17
Wallaby Ranch8 Wallaby Ranch7

We watched video and learned new information:
– kangaroo use tail to walk – like 5th leg!
– they are pretty smart – can open door handle and water facet Eye rolling smile
– they do use hands a lot – to walk, to eat, to fight and so on, even can climb the fence in case of
– mother can close her pocket so tight that no water will go inside when she swims
– they like to rest on the back.

Wallaby Ranch16 Wallaby Ranch6

Look at this little Cutie. The farm owner had it under his jacket for 10 minutes and everyone was surprised when he took it out! We all were charmed and excited to hold a baby kangaroo ;o)

Wallaby Ranch10
Wallaby Ranch1 Wallaby Ranch3 Wallaby Ranch2
Wallaby Ranch4

The albino kangaroo looks definitely different ;o)

Wallaby Ranch11 Wallaby Ranch12

And below are Wallabies (a dwarf kangaroo) – they are so cute! It was really hard to assure Kristin that we do not looking for a new “family member” this time, even if Wallaby is just about 2 ft. tall.

Wallaby Ranch14
Wallaby Ranch15 Wallaby Ranch13

Thanks a lot to Sergey for such Amazing pictures!! So glad you guys joined us. See you soon!

Today’s forecast offers 48-58 degrees and rain at least 3 days more … well, another trip is scheduled ;o)

Port Townsend, WA

Pt Townsend17Pt Townsend04 Pt Townsend02

We’ve had another little trip this weekend to visit Mt. Townsend Creamery. I did not plan to post about it… but, oh my, Port Townsend is such a nice place, NOT to mention they’ve had Annual Rhododendron Festival this day ;o)

Pt Townsend05

The place was interesting. We tested cheeses and they even told to us how to make cheese.
Pt Townsend06

Pt Townsend07 Pt Townsend08
Pt Townsend09

…below is our “catch” – seven kinds of such yummy cheeses

Pt Townsend01

Port Townsend… Actually we were very surprised with its architecture. Small Europe in North West ;o)

Pt Townsend21
Pt Townsend23 Pt Townsend22
Pt Townsend26
Pt Townsend24 Pt Townsend25

…and some pictures of Annual Rhododendron Festival

Pt Townsend10
Pt Townsend11 Pt Townsend12
Pt Townsend15
Pt Townsend13 Pt Townsend14
Pt Townsend18
Pt Townsend19 Pt Townsend20

Well, it was another amazing weekend, but now I’m hurry back to work. I’ll share with you something new just in a few, stay tuned ;o)

Happy and productive Monday to everyone!!

Maifest. Spring Festival

What a LOVELY Saturday!!

Maifest3 Maifest4

Not to mention it was pretty warm and sunny here today (well, at least a half of the day ;o), but last minute we with our friends decided to visit the annual Maifest in Leavenworth and so glad that did it! ;o)

What a pretty place and we’ve spent such amazing time! … walking

Maifest15 Maifest16
Maifest18 Maifest19
Maifest13 Maifest14

… enjoyed German kitchen in our favorite restaurant

Maifest22 Maifest20

… and then – wow, even if we visited this Bavarian Village couple times before, I had no idea about this beautiful park with such great trail – so bad rain started in 10 minutes later we came to park, uhh.


Maifest7 Maifest10 Maifest9

Today is Sunday and here is rainy again … well, not a bad weather to clean house, have a little shopping and enjoy hot yoga class late today ;o)

I hope you are enjoying  your weekend!

Second Birthday ;)

Pixie 2

Our Pixie is turning 2 years today! She’s absolutely amazing, cute, lovely and sweet girl with such charming personality. Kristin got an idea to cook Pixie Birthday cake, based on doggie’s  favorite food and decorated with her favorite treats – let us see what we get ;o)

Pixie Bday

The only thing, she is overweighted already … for whole o.1 lbs – hehe, I hear your laugh ROFL!! We also got a good one when we were told in veterinary clinic that her normal weight should be 4 lbs. Funny, but her mom and dad were 3 lbs and 3.5 lbs respectively… an acceleration ;o)

P.S.: BTW, the second picture was taken by Kristin and we are both so happy with this cool shot!! Pixie doesn’t like to be model and it is really a big luck to catch her on photo.


Happy Thursday everyone!!

We are back

Harrison Springs1
Harrison Springs4 Harrison Springs3

Oh my, what a Lovely place!! If you live close enough, I would heartily recommend you this resort. Especially now, when outside temperature is about 45–55 degrees, but you have 3 warm pools outside and 2 inside about the same temperature as your morning shower. It’s a second time we visited this place and definitely will be back soon. We arrived about 4:20 pm and were in a pool 10 minutes later (or a bit early ;o). Then we had some walking and yummy dinner in German restaurant.

Harrison Springs5
Harrison Springs6 Harrison Springs7

… and then swimming, swimming and swimming again before 11:00 pm with Kristin and after 11:00pm – “adult” swimming (no kids jumping around :0). Well, we spend about 6-7 hours in pools in total. Everyone had a fun, even our camera ;o)

Harrison Springs9
Harrison Springs8 Harrison Springs10

On the next day after couple hours of morning swimming and then check out from resort, we visited 2 tulip festivals – in Canada and US. Here is Canada’s one:

Harrison Springs13
Harrison Springs14 Harrison Springs15

And in WA (I guess I have about 200+ more pictures from this festival and if you don’t mind I will post couple of them on Thursday or so ;o)

Harrison Springs16
Harrison Springs17 Harrison Springs19Harrison Springs18
Harrison Springs20 Harrison Springs22 Harrison Springs21

Not to mention we met our friends:

Harrison Springs24
Harrison Springs23 Harrison Springs25

Guys, it was so Amazing to see you and right after your trip we definitely should set up a party ;o)

Well, that’s all. We really had a BLAST and enjoined every minute! The only thing made us boring was 3 hours in line to pass a border… But as we were told – it’s OK for Friday’s afternoon… well, good to know and it’s really sounded enough logical ;o)

I hope you had a Blessed Easter!

A Happy and productive week to everyone,

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