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Over a Cup. Panda


My all time favorite animal. What a cutie :0)


Wonder what is new with your book and my schedule? By the moment I feel exhausted a bit, but happy – two projects for publication are done (and third, last one is on my schedule in the middle of September). On Monday I’ll start to work on next book collection, yay!! I bet – it will be your favorite one! ;o)

But first – a little break and on my schedule for next two days… well, whatever ;o)



A Wonderful and Lovely weekend everyone!!


Alla Koval Designs

Thursday’s Moments. New Lens


Yes, I know – Thursday is tomorrow, but I can’t resist to introduce my new baby – very first “adult” lens: AF_S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR.

I bet, most of my friends-photographers will laugh that I call this lens “adult”, but it’s really a first one I own and so happy with!! ;o) Many Thanks Anatoliy for the tip and Sergey for the help to find this one!!

Above is one of very fist pictures, and taken without tripod and not edited in Ps (just cropped). Now, I’m off to find out where is my tripod and play with my baby, yay!!

BTW, this is also a sneak peek of Dryad vest & jacket, but in green shades. I like green version too. Made with such soft and smooth to the touch, Shine Sport Yarn by Knit Picks, this skirt pattern can be easily turned into scarf for lady of any age. The pattern is done, but unfortunately my tech editors are not available until middle of August, so there will be a little delay with release. My apologies.  I’ll keep you updated!

And if you wonder what is my on my hook now – I’ve submitted two designs to one crochet magazine, and now working on patterns and samples to be timely… Looks as 2013 going to be exciting year with several exiting publications. So far I’ve done: a jacket design for one crochet book, 5 accessories designs for another crochet book, two designs for crochet magazine (well, in progress ;) and 1/3 of my own very first crochet book!! To be continue ;o)

My Portfolio, finally!

Even if portfolio is that “Must have” thing, I never had a chance to work on it or ever make a try. I wish I knew that to create pretty simple but stylish and elegant portfolio is possible in less than 2 days…

Alla Koval Designs

… and will cost only $37! I love minimal and clean design style and felt in love with peerapong’s premium themes for WordPress immediately. Very easy customizable themes with such stylish and cool features!

Well, probably I’ll be back to work on OOAK design style of my portfolio in some of days, but so far I’m really happy with this one ;o) My portfolio is available at Alla Koval Designs (or click Portfolio in Main menu, here on My Little Citygirl)

Alla Koval Designs Designs Alla Koval Designs Contact

Also, I would like to thank you to my friends and incredibly talented artists, especially Annya Uslontseva, Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova (and their lovely twins girls!), Natasha Titanoff, Christie Archer, Angela Owens and everyone I was lucky to met and work with! I appreciate your kindness, support, and talents very much and I am grateful for all you do.


Sincerely yours,
Alla Koval Designs

I am back

… from a little break with my blogging and I have something to share with you!

Rapunzel Logo

First, I’ve got yesterday these lovely pictures of my Rapunzel collection! This pattern includes two more designs (still need to take pictures) and will be released in a few. I’ll keep you updated.

Rapunzel 05

Rapunzel 03

Rapunzel 06  Rapunzel 04

Rapunzel 01

Rapunzel 07  Rapunzel 11

Rapunzel 10

Another, Parfait pattern is scheduled to be released January, 16. I’m so excited about this my first 2012 Spring project, not to mention it’s our collaboration with amazing French designer and good friend of mine! Stay tuned ;o)


In the other news

I am so glad how 2012 is turned already busy, exciting and productive! I’ve finished a garment (and almost a pattern) for a book publication I’m participating. Yippee!! Also, I’m on half way with new crocheted blanket/cover and pattern (double Yippee, because I wanted to work on that since so long). Also I have 2 more finished Spring designs, but still need to write the patterns. And yes, I did not forget about Ethno Chic Vest and Grape Top (a crocheted version) I’ve promised. Both are already on my schedule. 


I am really looking forward to this year. It’s going to be a year of innovations in some ways. This is the year I plan to work my very first book (finally!! Book sneak peek is coming soon, I’m working on it). This is also the year when I would like to offer you some crochet/knit techniques I use since so long, but never was brave enough to describe them LOL (more on that soon, soon, pretty soon!!) … Well, I have so many plans and so many aspirations and really hope I can manage all of that Smile with tongue out


I thank you all for your support in 2011 and I wish 2012 is the best year ever for you too!
Now, get back to work!! :0)

Annie’s Attic New

Magnolia Coat FluffyClouds1 copy

My Magnolia Lace Coat and Fluffy Clouds Blanket patterns are now available at Annie’s Attic. Couple more will be added just in a few.

Annies Attic New

In the other news… I’ve signed 4 contacts this month, but I can’t give you more details now, uhhh LOL.

I’ve got Garden Party Hat Pattern tech edited and going to include it to Garden Party Pins Pattern. Also, this Hat pattern is still available for free – my first edited free pattern and btw, no one mistake was found in directions, but gauge and description were not the best ;o) I’ll update the pattern just in a few.

Also, I’m so enjoying working on new designs (my always favorite part ;o) and can’t wait to share them with you!

Happy Thursday everyone and TTYS!!

In The News

Wonder what I’ve worked last week and what is the news? Well… I’m so glad to letting You know that I’ve finished update of the Gallery with my designs. And now each picture in gallery has title and link to a post with additional pictures and info. Must admit it was a piece of work, but I’m so glad it is finally organized and nothing is missed ;o)


In the other news… Double Fun in the Sun Hat pattern was finished and sent to tech editor. Right after I get pattern back it will be released. Grape Scarf pattern is also almost finished (still need to polish a bit), but it’s already a time to work on a pattern for publication… anyway, I plan to finish the scarf pattern this week for sure. I’ll keep you updated!

Oh, and it looks as we finally got Spring here in Seattle… not to mention it was one of motivations to get a new do right away ;o) Not to mention that mine and my sister B-days are due this month and we were always in love with Spring, even if snow happens in April :0)

New Do 

… I know that Monday is pretty often a tough day but nonetheless, Happy Monday everyone!!

A Bit Of Statistic

… WOW, looks as my site set a new record getting 1466 hits couple days ago
(even if I did nothing to promote it as planned, but I still have a hope ;o) And
the  most  popular pattern  is  still  Vintage Rose Cap  pattern, which  was
downloaded 18314 times so far.

Statistic1 Statistic2

Many  Thanks to  everyone for Your continued interest, sweet emails and such
kind of words. You all completely make my days and give me such support and
powerful motivation! I LOVE you!! You are the BEST!!!

Sincerely yours,

Networked Blogs

NetworkBlogsI’ve just joined to networked blogs and looking
for some followers ;o) If you don’t mind to be in
please just go to NetworkedBlogs widget (scroll
down  Right  Sidebar  to find it and  then  press
~ Follow this blog ~ button) … and Please  feel
free to share your blog link  by posting here.  I
love  to discover  new places and so glad to
hear from you all!

Happy Monday everyone!!

A bit statistic

… WOW, looks as  my site set a new record getting 1150 hits yesterday.
My newest Tickled pink pattern was downloaded 1273 times so far. Most
downloaded pattern (7330 downloads) is still Vintage Rose Cap ;o)

101809 copy DownloadsSummary copy
Thank you so much to everyone!!! Your interest, sweet emails, such kind
of words. You all completely make my days and give me such huge support
and powerful stimulus! I LOVE you!! You are the BEST!!!

Happy Monday  to everyone!


My New DaWanda Store. Grand Opening

I am so excited to let you know that my DaWanda store is up and running!!
And I’m so glad that can afford a bit less prices, since here is no listing fees
so far! I’m pretty new to DaWanada and would LOVE to hear your opinion.
If you like some of my designs or already familiar with some of my patterns,
please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or add them to your favorites. Any
comments and opinions are much much appreciated!!

And another excited news is that my First pattern in German listed and
couple more will be listed just in a few! ;o) Patterns were translated by
Fabulous and So Talented Barbara Wilder, an owner of Raumseeling. Thank
You so much again Barbara! It’s an Absolute pleasure to work with You!!

And to celebrate these events I have some offers for you!!
FIRST, for First 3 buyers in my DaWanda store, I‘m offering these Beautiful
yarn sets for your Christmas projects or Gift Certificates, fully for your choice.
So now for details…

  1. SOLD For First buyer of any One pattern in my DaWanda store:
    a yarn mix, including:
    – Sugar’N Cream (100% cotton/4-PLY/2.5 oz ) colors #01, #15, #33,
    #900 – 1 ball of each;
    – King Tut (100% Finest Cotton/ 182 yd/ 100 gr) #307 – 1 ball
  2. SOLD For First buyer of any Two patterns in my DaWanda store:
    a yarn mix, including:
    – Sensations Beadazzle (100% Nylon/ 41.01 yd (37.5 m)/ 1.75 oz (50
    gr)) # 3475 – 3 balls
    – Mondial Oriente (70% Cotton, 30% Nylon/ 80 m/50 gr) – 5 balls
    – King Tut (100% Finest Cotton/ 182 yd/ 100 gr) #307 – 1 ball OR a Gift Certificate value $10 (expires 09/21/2010). This GC valid for any
    purchases in any of my stores:
    GiftSertificate10 copy
  3. For First buyer of Three patterns in my DaWanda store:
    a yarn set, including:
    – King Tut (100% Finest Cotton/ 182 yd/ 100 gr) #307 –  3 balls
    – King Tut (100% Finest Cotton/ 182 yd/ 100 gr) #328 – 3 balls OR a Gift Certificate value $20 (expires 09/21/2010). This GC valid for any
    purchases in any of my stores:
    GiftSertificate20 copy

SECOND, for ALL buyers of 5 patters or more in ANY of my stores, this week,
I’m offering a Gift Certificate value $30 (expires 09/21/2010), which valid for
any purchases in any of my stores. This offer expires September 27, 2009
midnight by PST time.
GiftSertificate30 copy

And last, but not least and definitely my FAVORITE part… is a little Giveaway
I’m  so excited to offering you ;) Are you ready?! So… to FIRST person, who
leave a comment on this post, will get a bag of 10 skeins of NORO Wakaba.
This 100% cotton multicolored ribbon yarn, made in Japan is so delicate and
pleasant to touch. A perfect yarn for some project for you. Good Luck and
have a Fun!!

Oh, and Happy Monday to everyone!! ;o)

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