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Imagical Garden | Sneak Peek

Imagical Garden


Is there any tips to learn how to post with enough constant frequency? So far I can just dream about it ;o) But I have excuse – I was totally hooked and worked on my newest Imagical Garden™ collection. MANY thanks to Novi for such lovely name suggestion!! So, 10 hats, backpack, flower pins – just to name what already finished. I am so excited about this collection, especially hats!! Not each hat designed in different style, but also features at least two options for totally changing-look. Plus some “secrets” and tips even advanced crocheter may find helpful and innovative: how to make a perfect brim in any shape and sizes, how to make one-size hat to fit several sizes, how to make visor “standing” without insert even if crochet with lace weight yarn and much-much more!!

Above is sneak peek of first 3 hats… Which pattern would you like me to write first? ;o)

Marguerite Jacket Pattern Update



The Marguerite pattern is almost done and on testing now. Oh my, I think it was most intricate pattern to write so far, but I tried hard to make it easy to read and follow ;o) I wrote very detailed instructions and ended up with 13 stitch diagrams so far to make crocheting this jacket a pure pleasure for you!

I was too optimistic to release the pattern by end of February, but this one will come really-really soon. Thank you so much for your patience with me!


A Wonderful and lovely weekend everyone!!

New Blanket Preview & Contest for You

Flower Blanket01


I am so excited to introduce my newest blanket design. Crocheted in one piece, this blanket features a rows of 3D flowers, satin ribbon and detachable Strawberry pin. So girly and delicate! it can be made with any yarn weight, in any colors combinations and turned into any theme you can think of! We had pretty rainy this fall/winter, so I feel in love with this such bright and sunny yellow Isuela by Omega yarns. Strawberry pin can be a cute addition to mom’s wardrobe or a hair/bag accessories for older sister ;o)


Flower Blanket02


… And now it’s a C O N T E S T time!

I am looking for the name and short and clear description for this blanket. In English only please ;o)
Any suggestion?


  • To enter the contest, please post the blanket name ideas and/or description here (feel free to post as many entries as you like). 
  • I may take full your description or a part of it. The description with biggest number or used parts will become a Winner.
  • The Winner of description will get a pattern for blanket (including Strawberry pin) for free right after release + all yarn and notions needed to crochet a Strawberry pin + $25 Visa Gift Card. If a Winner of Name of blanket will be a deferent person, the same prize will be received. I’ll ship prizes WORLDWIDE and email patterns in PDF format. Other participants who’s description parts will be used in final pattern description will receive a blanket pattern (including Strawberry pin) for free.

  • This contest starts today, February 10th 2016 and will end February 17th, 2016 at 11:59 pm PST time.
  • The Winner will be announced and notified next day – Thursday, February, 18th.
  • The Pattern Winners will receive blanket and Strawberry pin pattern same day as pattern will be released.

    Have a Fun and Good luck!

    Flower Blanket03


    P.S.: If you are not interesting in this contest, please feel to leave comments anyway. I just love to receive them and every comment is much appreciated!! Well, I bet You know ;o)

  • Dream Catcher Part II Sneak Peak | Hat & Neck Warmer 2 in 1 + MORE

    Dream Catcher Blanket031-1200


    WARNING, cuties overload!! ;o) Yesterday we had an absolute pleasure to deal with two most adorable “pair” of little and oh-so-charming wonders we ever met! Many thanks to precious brother and sister and their amazing mom! We had a blast!

    So, above is a sneak peak of Dream Catcher Hat…. which can be worn as neck warmer:


    Dream Catcher Hat02


    … or even made in a different style:


    Dream Catcher Hat011-1200


    The possibilities are endless… and yes, all options shown (+ some more!) will be included in a pattern, which is coming pretty soon. Stay tuned!


    Oh, and below is a very final photo of white version of Dream Catcher Blanket!!!!  …I warned you, remember?! My heart is totally melted away…….Dream Catcher Blanket04-1200


    A lovely and wonderful Thursday everyone!!

    Dream Catcher Sneak Peak | My First Mini Collection for Boys!!





    I am so excited to introduce you my very first mini collection for boys!!! I started with a blanket in very nice blue color made with gorgeous Cascade Yarns Pacific (40% superwash merino wool, 60% acrylic; 213 yd [195 m]/3.5 oz [100 g]). I made the sample in size 47”x57” great enough for 13 years old, and was not surprised that my Kristin laid hands on it immediately. She’s never was a big fun of pinks and this blanket is exactly in the same blues as her room ;o) It was absolute fun to work on this blanket and I just can’t resist and made a gift for one precious newborn boy with delicate Omega Isuela (100% cotton; 295 yd [270 m]/3.5 oz [100 g]). …And then I created matches hat with very fun using ribbons and then… a neck warmer. I still need to take pictures of them ;o)


    What I love about these blankets is that they can be made in any custom size (up to throw or bedspread… or even a scarf by working first 23(+) rows of blanket) and with any yarn weights to be great for any seasons and occasions; features a different finishing edgings (both will be included in a pattern). Borders designed to be very easy applied to ANY custom size of blankets without any adjustments and re-calculating. And most exciting news that I already finished the pattern for blue blanket, and I just still need to add instructions for border or white blanket and take some details/close up pictures. So, this pattern is coming really soon!




    A lovely and terrific weekend everyone!!

    2015 CGOA Design Competition | My Award



    Blue Poppy Details032





    This year I decided to participated to 2015 CGOA Design Competition for first time, and I got an Honorable Mention award in “Fashion” category, sponsored by Interweave Crochet/Love of Crochet! YAY!! I’ll take it! ;o) Thank You!!

    To see all winners in the 2015 CGOA Design Competition, click here. Many thanks to Susan Lowman for her hard work with organization and taking some pictures from event.


    Design Competition Booth 1

    Design Competition Booth 3

    Design Competition Booth 4 Design Competition Booth 5


    Also Susan mentioned that when she will send back our entries, she will include the judges’ comments on each of our entries. I can’t wait to see what the judges had to say about my entire (either good or bad or both) in order to help me improve the designing skills!


    A wonderful and lovely Wednesday everyone!

    Scarlet Tunic Crochet




    Scarlet Tunic

    Finally… I am to glad to show you Scarlet tunic, modeled by gorgeous and so lovely Genia! And it’s a 4th pattern in a row on my what-to-do-next-hurry schedule ;o) I’ve just finished the pattern and sent the garment for modeling to Interweave Crochet Scene 2015, and now I work on Snowdrop coat and Pink Marguerite jacket patterns. Looking forward to release them soon! OK, I’ll better hurry back to work ;o)










    Spring 2015 Preview | Blue Poppy Lace Coat Crochet


    Blue Poppy011


    Blue Poppy Lace Coat

    A third design from my Spring 2015 Flower collection …most off-the-cuff one ;o) Well, all garments from this mini collection were totally improvisation, and a kind of a little “escape” from that endless-very-last book’s polishing, patterns routine, the deadlines …

    Since Scarlet tunic is still on my schedule, I decided to crochet some swatches for pattern and play a bit with one of my favorite, really gorgeous and versatile lace stitch patterns I used for the tunic… so here is how the two coats and Pink Marguerite jacket were born ;o)

    I just crocheted it without thinking about stitches, listened only my feelings. I am very happy you like this mini collection. But you know, writing a pattern is completely different thing. I was unsure if I could make Scarlet tunic once again – but this time – with counting every stitch, with the sure, that I could write in that way, that anybody could make it. And now the tunic got three beautiful sisters… and not alone desperately waiting for the pattern (kidding ;P) I may change some little details I wasn’t satisfied with, and want to try find the yarn which is available worldwide, and I hope you will like it. Wish me luck!


    Blue Poppy Details032



    Blue Poppy Pin022


    Blue Poppy03



    See you next Wednesday! Curious what is next? Below is a sneak peek. I bet you recognized it… and yes, now it’s modeled, finally ;o)


    Blue Poppy Pin021

    Spring 2015 Preview | Pink Marguerite Lace Jacket Crochet



    Is there really need any words to introduce anything modeled by absolutely charming and so lovely little Princess Lera? ;o) Marguerite lace crochet jacket is a second design from my Spring 2015 Flower collection. I can’t promise that this pattern will be released this month, but I’ll do my best to make available EAP version as soon as possible.





    See you next Wednesday! Can’t wait to share a third design with you all ;o)


    P.S.: Oh, an amazing and beyond talented Lena Doubivko just sent to me this fantastic description she created:

    Pink Marguerite / Marguerite Daisy
    Think springtime sweetness, think fields and meadows filled with daisy flowers! Capture the soft, girly pink of spring and adorn your little Princess with this delicate and festive top! This piece boasts a stylish buttoned front with sweet contrasting trim and darling tiers of ruffles for extra flair. But turn around and add more panache to the already exciting look! A delicate silky ribbon woven in the back of the jacket adds the perfect finishing touch to delight the lucky wearer. Perfect for an Easter egg hunt or for visiting the Easter Bunny, this jacket keeps chilly weather at bay and is sure to become a favorite to be worn again and again.

    I LOVE her name suggestions. Hmm, now is dilemma which one is the winner….  I like them both. Pink Marguerite is perfectly “matches” the jacket, and Marguerite Daisy is a great name for search ;o) What is your favorite?

    Spring 2015 Preview | Camellia Lace Trench Coat/ Vest Crochet



    Camellia Trench Lace Crochet Coat and Vest

    Enjoy springtime sweetness year-round with this intriguing lace crochet coat—it looks intricate, but is actually easy to make!

    One of my new designs of Spring/ Summer 2015 collection based on such lovely lace patterns with accent details on the back/skirt of garments ;o) EAP pattern will be available in a couple weeks.





    Its refreshing beauty is sure to delight the lucky wearer, especially when made in her favorite color! Done in fine weight yarn (100% cotton; 164 yd [150 m]/1.76 oz [50 g]), this splendid piece will add a touch of spring to both casual and formal attire.






    …. Or just make it without sleeves for summer sunny days and fun (instructions for vest are included in the pattern).






    The perfect year round, this coat will be also a great addition to her holiday outfit. And yes, this pattern will be included in Imagical Seasons™ Winter book ;o)



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