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Gardenia Scarf. Preview & Contest for You

Gardenia 01


A quick perfect accessory for the upcoming holiday season and more. This scarf was inspired by beautiful tropical Gardenia during our vacation, best known for their fragrant white flowers. Referred to in Hawaiian as "kiele", they used frequently in Hawaiian leis.

This pattern (at least EAP version) will be available October 30th, 2012!
*** UPDATE. I’m so sorry – looks as I’m a queen of typing “wrong” dates today, so I’ve fixed the release date and a date contest ends.

And now let’s go for a CONTEST

Gardenia 02


I  am looking for the short and clear description for this scarf. In English only please ;o)

To enter the contest, please post the description here (feel free to post as many entries as you like). 

I may take full text of your post or part of it. The post with biggest number of used parts will become a Winner.

The Winner will get:

  1. Royal Hawaiian Gardenia Perfume (see picture and details below)
  2. Visa Gift Card of $25 value (for US residents only!) or $25 via PayPal (WORLDWIDE)
  3. Gardenia pattern for free

 Other participants who’s post parts will be used in final pattern description will receive Gardenia pattern for free.


Gardenia Contest

Royal Hawaiian GARDENIA Cologne Mist 1.6oz
Made in Hawaii

Newly formulated Gardenia scent from Royal Hawaiian. With its creamy white petals, lush green leaves, the Gardenia is famous for its uniquely romantic, exotic fragrance.


  • This contest starts today, October 22th 2012 and will end October 29th, 2012 at Midnight PST time.
  • The Winner will be announced and notified next day – Tuesday, October, 30th.
  • The Pattern Winners will receive Gardenia pattern same day as pattern will be released.

    Have a fun and good luck!
    P.S.: If you are not interesting in this contest, please feel to leave comments anyway. I just love to receive them and every comment is much appreciated!! Well, I bet You now ;o)

    Alla Koval Designs

    38 Responses to Gardenia Scarf. Preview & Contest for You

    1. 1
      Tinachicky says:

      I LOVE this scarf Alla! It looks like such an intricate design, and such an elegant pattern! Such beauty!!

    2. 2
      Donna says:

      This ultra-feminine crocheted lace scarf is a lovely reminder of a scent borne on tropical breezes and the essence of a more genteel era.

    3. 3
      judy orrego says:

      Totally awesome scarf!! That would look perfect with a black dress, love it! U did it again, X<3X<3X<3 Alla.

    4. 4
      D. Byrne says:

      Long forgotten sugar mills. Exotic flowers growing freely, uncultivated and fragrant, in the warm tropic breezes. That’s what this scarf brings to mind.

    5. 5
      Sandra says:

      I love it love it! It has such an ubelievable pattern that catchs the eye as different and elegant at the same time. Making the right finishing touch on almost any outfit!

    6. 6
      Ania says:

      Lovely as always!!!

    7. 7
      Erika Hill says:

      This scarf evokes the smooth lines of sweet smelling Gardenia
      petals nestled around your neck. Carry your Gardenias with you wherever you go.

    8. 8
      Sharon says:

      Oh, I would so love to win this. Gardenia is my favorite fragrance of all and I have a hard time finding it in my area. What a lovely scarf to crochet, this would look so nice on so many of my outfits. It’s such a delicate and lacy pattern.

    9. 9
      Erika Hill says:

      Your Gardenias need not die out if you make this scarf to wear as the cool weather approaches.

    10. 10
      Sharon says:

      Delicate, lacy swirls of Gardenia petals.

    11. 11
      Barbara Irving says:

      Tropical Chic and Sweet Romance are the images that this fun to make scarf conjures. A timeless and stunning tropical creation that was inspired by the sweet and fragrant gardenia. This pattern will surely add freshness to your wardrobe regardless of the season.


    12. 12
      Jeannette says:

      Pure white flower of Love! I had gardenias and blue baby roses in my wedding bouquet(my bridesmaids wore pastel blue) Yesterday was our 39th anniversary -where does time go!!! Still love the beautiful, fragrant gardinia above all. This is a most beautiful design.

    13. 13
      Ann G. Tam Sing says:

      Delicate, lacy, soft drape, reminiscent of light, fragrant tropical breezes. Perfect for either warm or chilly weather, depending on what thread/yarn you choose to use. Versatility and beauty.

    14. 14
      Debra says:

      Hello Alla, your new scarf is gorgeous as always! Your designs are amazing!

    15. 15
      Dawn says:

      Beautiful work! I am new at this and your work is so very inspiring. One of your pieces I took and made into a skirt for my niece with some tulling under it. It came out fantastic!

      • judy orrego says:

        Do u know u can send pictures of the pieces u have done and Alla shares them with everyone, u should send one sounds like u did a great job!

    16. 16
      Lynnette says:

      Wearing Gardenia transports you to the tropics of Bali, Fiji and Hawaii where the tropical breeze gently lifts your hair, and you are surrounded by the beauty and aroma of the flowers. Gardenia is contentment

    17. 17
      Nydia says:

      A fresh and yet elegan scarf; you should be proud to make it and to wear it any time.

    18. 18
      Vidhya says:

      I love the scarf very much Alla! Gardenia scarf around a flowery girl together looks perfect as a flower bouquet!

    19. 19

      This elegant flowing scarf will catch everyone’s eye with its beauty. Gardenias are the inspiration for this scarf and you will be able to imagine the fragrance of a Hawaiian lei when you wear this.

      Great scarf!! I love, love, love it.

    20. 20
      Novi says:

      Wow! it’s looks so beautiful natural. As fresh as the morning air in spring.

    21. 21
      LaChel Johnson says:

      The scarf is beautiful and yet so elegant and dainty. I propose the name “Gardenia Romance” which describes the elegant beauty and timeless romance that this scarf presents.


    22. 22
      Darlene Tasso says:

      Waves of Gardenia blossoms are formed in perfect symmetry in this stunning new scarf by Alla Koval Designs. Wear it with a hint of the scent of Royal Hawaiian GARDENIA Cologne Mist and you will feel transported to the paradise of the Tropics.

    23. 23
      Julie says:

      This gorgeous scarf will make you feel as beautiful as a Gardenia flower in full moonlight. It’s lovely, lacy stitches will gently flow down your favorite outfit and enhance your own natural beauty.

      Thank you for entering me in your contest! This scarf is aboslutely gorgeous!!

    24. 24
      Bredja says:

      Another amazing design from your hook! You show how beautiful green can be vor a really romantic, playful and ladylike scarf! I am still waiting for your book! With heartful greeting!

    25. 25
      RuxIka says:

      This scarf is absolutely amazing, you do it again, ALLA!

    26. 26
      Marie says:


      Gardenias symbolize grace, beauty, and love. What better way to show you care than to gift a special friend with the lacy and feminine Gardenia Scarf. Then make one for yourself, too! Whoever is wrapped in this gorgeous floral design will be transported to the beauty of Hawaii, the sweet fragrance of gardenias carried on balmy breezes.

      Thanks, Alla!!!

    27. 27
      Nancy says:

      Lush, romantic and gorgeous scarf. Perfect for any occation.
      Lovely, Ally:0))) Me like!!!!

    28. 28
      Nancy says:

      Sorry;0/ Alla

    29. 29
      May says:

      Below are two slightly different descriptions:

      -Wrap your neck or head in a luxurious, warm and uniquely designed scarf (kiele), inspired by the beautiful tropical Gardenia flowers of the Hawaiian Islands.

      – Wrap your neck or head in a luxurious, warm and uniquely designed wreath of flowers (kiele), inspired by the beautiful tropical Gardenia flowers of the Hawaiian Islands.

    30. 30
      Mary from Australia says:

      This is a scarfe to be worn year round simply by changing the colour and weight of the yarn.Using pastel shades in summer and fine yarn will give it a delicate look, whilst, in winter the darker colours and heavier yarn will give it a cosier look. A year round winner!

    31. 31
      Janie says:

      A flowing scarf as classically elegant as the exotic fragrance that inspired its design.

    32. 32
      Melinda Pagan says:

      Beautiful scrafe design Alla, You caputered the the softness and Beauty of the Gardenia in the Lei likeness of your design. Scrafe has “Very soft and Pretty Lei like drape”.

    33. 33
      Karen says:

      The delicate winding design reminds me of gorgeous flowers and their leaves dancing in the wind, it is beautiful and would be a gorgeous addition to a holiday outfit!!!

    34. 34
      Barbara says:

      Gardenia flowers mean love, joy and purity but most of all they are prized for beauty and fragrance. This timeless Gardenia Scarf will provide is perfect for any occassion. What an amazing holiday or any special gift! Be creative with your colors. Aloha

      • Barbara says:

        Correction from above:
        Gardenia flowers mean love, joy and purity but most of all they are prized for beauty and fragrance. This timeless Gardenia Scarf is perfect for any occassion. What an amazing holiday or any special gift! Be creative with your colors. Aloha

    35. 35
      Cheryl Burse says:

      Good Evening :)
      I’m not sure if I am at the right posting spot to christen your work of art with a name…but here goes…in short as possible :)
      When I saw the green trellis (scarf) the first thoughts that came to mind was light and breezy. ding! “Sea Crest” into the sea, where the big waves caught it and slid it up-hill to a foaming crest and then down-hill…

    36. 36
      Barbara says:

      Alla, I AM SCREAMING WITH JOY after just finding out I am the winner. Like you said, all of the entries were so inspiring and beautiful. It was so much fun reading all of them. I thank you so much for creating this lovely scarf reminding me of my girlhood in the caribbean where we had gardenias all over. This has always been my favorite flower. Thank you so very much.


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